Learn how to Share/ Transfer Files between PC and Android/iPhone/iPad using Wi-Fi. Here I have shared step by step process how you can transfer/share files between any PC and Android Device (without using cable).

Transfer files Android iPhone & PC

Let’s Assume you own a PC (any Windows/Mac Computer) and an Android Smartphone. You must be familiar with this situation where you need to transfer a file from your PC to your Android smartphone.

Maybe because of the reason that computers have a larger hard disk you store all the movies that you download from the web on your computer, and now you want to watch a movie on your smartphone. What will you do now? You will connect your Android smartphone to your PC using a USB and just copy or move the film on your smartphone.

This is how you typically share/transfer files – right? But what if you lost your USB cable. The number of wires you have the messier the whole thing becomes. Anyhow, I hope you get me.

My point here is managing many cables can be tricky, and it saves time if you avoid using cable and use wi-fi to transfer files between two devices. At the first try, you may find the following steps annoying (I don’t think you will, but suppose). But believe me after trying a few times you will get used to these steps and won’t use cables anymore for transferring or sharing files between PC/Mac and Android Smartphone.

How to Share Files Between PC/Mac and Android Device using Wi-Fi

For doing this, you just need two things – Wi-Fi and Xender App. I think you have Wi-Fi but even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi you can use the Mobile Hotspot (WiFi) of your Smartphone. Before you start following the step by step process, please make sure you have Xender files sharing app installed on your Android Device(Smartphone/Tablet). You can download Xender for Android from Below.

   Download Xender APK

After downloading Xender install this on your Android device and start following the 3 step guide below.

  • Connect your Smartphone and PC to the Same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open Xender on your Smartphone/Tablet and from Xender Menu Open PC/Mac File Transfer.
  • Go to http://web.xender.com from your PC and Scan the QR Code using your smartphone.
  • Now, you will see list of all your files on the browser. You can do Simple drag and drop to transfer any files from your PC to Android Device.
  • If you want to transfer any files from your smartphone to PC then browse there and find the file and just click on download, the files will be downloaded on your PC.

Note: By doing file transferring using this method you will be using your local Wi-Fi so that no data charges will not be levied. You can also watch the video which I have embedded below and got a complete idea about the whole thing.

So, That was it. Now you can share files between your Android/iPhone/iPad and PC without getting annoyed with all the cables and other stuff. Hope you find this post useful, comment below with your thoughts on this and don’t forget to share it on social media.

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