WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular instant messenger on the planet. The developer team has continuously kept updating the application to keep its top position intact. Whatsapp, after being acquired by Facebook, is rumored to be sharing its data with Facebook, which users didn’t find good. Due to this, I received many emails about the best alternative to Whatsapp. This article is the reply to all of them.

Free Apps Like Whats App

The main focus of this article is to find the best alternative to Whatsapp on Android and iOS. The best alternative, however, depends on an individual’s need. So, we will list out the top 9 alternatives to Whatsapp for iOS and Android, you may pick one of them according to your needs.


1. Viber

viberViber is the most promising alternative to Whatsapp messenger. The user data is perfectly encrypted, making it one of the most secure messaging application in the market.

Furthermore, the messages which are saved in multiple devices are also encrypted, which gives Viber an edge over Whatsapp. It is also considered as the most similar alternative to Whatsapp because it uses mobile numbers to identify users.

Similar to Whatsapp, Viber allows you to do video and voice calls but Viber Out shadows its competitors with Viber Out feature. With Viber Out you can do international calls on non-Viber numbers at nominal rates.

Viber which was primarily developed for iOS was later made available to Android, Windows and other mobile operating systems too. This application is seriously popular among the instant messenger users with a whopping 900 million users around the globe.

Download Viber

2. Telegram

telegramTelegram messenger is the application which knows well how to stand out from the crowd. The messages you send and receive are heavily encrypted.

Furthermore, the messages can self-destruct n telegram. This application usages cloud-based technology to function which you can access on any device or web.

Developed in a Berlin-based non-profit organization, they say that Telegram is free for life. And users don’t need to pay a single subscription fee. Although offering free services to its users, Telegram doesn’t show ads within the application which makes telegram exceptionally good.

This application boasts a feature of secret chat which is again powered by an end-to-end encryption. Nothing is saved on its servers plus, you can set messages to self-destruct on both devices so that there is no trace of anything.

Download Telegram

3. Google Allo

google alloGoogle Allo is a fairly new messaging application developed in the house of Google Inc, Being developed by Google it instantly builds a trust score in our mind. Although Google Allo didn’t make much of an impact it is still a considerable Whatsapp alternative. Don’t forget, Google Allo comes with the brilliant Google assistant which none of its rivals offer.

Google assistant is integrated into the chat form which can answer most of your questions like – Weather reports, nearby places, flights, news and more. We assume that Google assistance solely makes Google Allo must try the application for some people but the feature list doesn’t end here. It also comes with an end-to-end encryption, incognito mode and self-destructible messages. smart replies and a lot more.

The pros of Google Allo might excite you but its developer didn’t include some of the crucial features. This messaging application lacks Chat backups, ability to make voice/video calls, sharing of files. If you don’t mind the absence of these features then Google Allo might be suitable for you.

Download Google Allo

4. Line

lineAnother contender for an ideal Whatsapp alternative is Line messenger. Being highly popular among millions of users, Line application boasts several cool features. Similar to Whatsapp, Line brings an end-to-end encryption for your chat, video, and voice calls data.

The best thing I like about Line is its cool collection of stickers which can be fun while having chat with your friends. It also features Social Network like timeline which lets you see the status update of your friends with display picture change.

Line messenger also offers Line Out feature which lets you make international calls to non-Line users at low rates. The application also packs with feature like filtered messages, password lock, Line Pay to make payments.

Without a doubt Line offers many unique features but it lacks simplicity like Whatsapp. So, hardcore Whatsapp fans might not like using Line messenger.

Download Line

5. Skype

skypeSkype doesn’t need an introduction. It is heavily popular for its free high-quality voice and video calls.

Apart from offering awesome video calling experience, Skype also allows you to do text chat with your contacts. This application can be synchronized with your Hotmail and MSN accounts to connect your contacts via email.

After being acquired by Microsoft in 2010, Skype is now heavily tuned for Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 10 and Outlook mail service. It is one of few Whatsapp alternative which you can use on your PC for direct messaging and high-quality Voice and Video calls.

Skype is a little different while registering users. It doesn’t use a phone number as the primary identification of an account. It uses a username with email and password combination for you to login into Skype account. Being a lot different from other application, Skype can be considered as a Whatsapp alternative due to its reliability and stability.

Download Skype

6. Kik Messenger

kikKik is a decent messenger app. You should not expect many features from Kik when compared to others on this list. But it is pretty good.

Some features of Kik messenger are – No phone number, Just Username, You can filter to decide whom you want to talk to and many more, Public Group Chat for up to 50 people. You may download Kik messenger from the link below.

Download Kik

7. WeChat

WeChat is another awesome alternative for WhatsApp. This app went viral when it was first launched. WeChat allows you to communicate with others with free text, voice and video calls. Some of the WeChat Features are – Always Free, Free Voice and Video Calls, Group Chat, Multimedia Messaging.

You can also connect with your friends to play games together and much more on WeChat. Download Wechat from the link below.

Download WeChat

8. Hike Messenger

Hike is an Indian social messaging app and according to some, it’s the best WhatsApp alternative. Hike has some really cool stickers which will make your conversation more attractive and expressive.

I would say that it is built exclusively by keeping in mind the thought of Indians.
Some features of the hike are – Regional Stickers (express your feelings with strikers in your language), Hidden mode, Send Everything and anything, Chat Themes, Hike Offline, Free Hike2SMS to India, 128-bit SSL Encryption and many more. You can download the hike from the link below.

Download Hike

9. Facebook Messenger

I don’t think Facebook messenger needs any introduction, maybe you are already using it on a regular basis. But have you taken it seriously, you can do a lot with this app. Messenger supports voice call, video call, chat, and many other things.

You can also install many small apps which work as add-ons for the messenger. For instance, there is an app called doodle which lets you send direct sketches to your friends. Ironically both of these apps are owned by Facebook. Some of you may want to get out of the Facebook ecosystem, That’s why we thought mentioning facebook messenger at the end will be a wise choice.

Download Messenger

In Conclusion

Accepting the fact the WhatsApp is still dominating the instant messenger industry but now it has got some serious competitors with more features. You can consider one of the above-suggested applications as a WhatsApp alternative based on your needs.

We have built this article after months of practical experiences, we are sure that it will surely help you to choose a perfect IM for you.

Still in doubt? Need assistance? Speak your heart out in comments we will be happy to help you.

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Thanks for Reading! This article has been written by our editorial staff. Editorial Staff at Tech Brighter is a team of Tech experts led by Noah Peterson.


  1. Hi Sagar,
    I am using Whatsapp from the last 4 year. But I have not seen any real competitor for these apps right now. Just thank you for listed popular alternative apps for WhatsApp.
    Keep writing bro.

  2. These are pretty good apps for personal use with your friends and family. But, if you’re someone who prioritizes privacy and looking for an alternative app for professional communication, ConnectPlus is a better option. It also tries to address information clutter and overload.


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