Read this post and learn about the top three methods for finding what Theme a WordPress site is using. I just updated this post with the latest info, so you should read this if you want to find what WordPress theme a site is using.

ind What WordPress Theme a Site is Using

Are you looking for a great WordPress theme to use on your blog or website? Finding the perfect theme can be a real tough job. Currently, of a huge portion of the web is powered by WordPress CMS; that is why there are tons of WordPress themes available online. Keep in mind that – Not only the looks but the features of a WordPress theme is a crucial factor to consider.

So, how to find the best WordPress theme for your website? It is physically impossible to go through every theme available online and find the perfect one. It is going to be a long and irritating process, and you have to check lots of themes.

However, There is an easy method to find the perfect theme for your site. You can use the same theme which your primary competitor or your favorite website is using. WordPress sites can look a lot different even you do only a few changes, that is why this method works.

For most of the cases Finding the theme of a WordPress site is pretty easy, but in some rare cases, it is a bit tricky. That is why below I have shared the three best methods which will help you to find What WordPress theme a site is using. Check these methods one by one below.

Find What WordPress Theme is that using Online Services

There are some popular sites which can detect the theme of a WordPress site. Though these sites are not perfect and don’t work every time, there’s no harm in trying your hands with this simple method. Two best sites to find What WordPress theme a site is using are “” and “”

Just open any of these sites on your browser tab, Paste the website URL and click on Search button. Wait for a few seconds and it will show the theme of that site.

This is probably the easiest way to do this, but also this method has the least success rate among all three methods listed here. So, you should also check the following two methods below.

Find WordPress Theme of a Site using your Browser

You can use the following trick to know What WordPress theme of a site right from Chrome Browser Tab. You will find this pretty easy If you are familiar with Chrome Developer Tools. However, even if you are not, there’s no need to worry; It is very easy. Below is the step by step guide on how to find WordPress theme of a site using Google Chrome Browser.

  • First of all, Open the site on Google Chrome New Tab.
  • Now Right-Click anywhere on the web page and click on Inspect Element. This will open the Chrome dev tools.
  • Click on the “Sources” tab in Inspect Elements.
  • Next, You will see folders called “wp-admin” and “wp-content” there, Click on “wp-content” to expand it.
  • Under that folder, you will find a few other folders like “plugins,” “themes/YourThemeName,” “uploads,” etc. The name you will see at the end of themes folder (“YourThemeName”) is the name of theme the site is using. Just do a simple Google search with that name and find the theme.

find wordpress theme

Note: Some sites may show a different type of theme name (like SiteNameTheme v1) there. In that case, expand the Themes folder and click on the “Style.css” file. In the beginning, of that CSS file, you will see the theme name and URL of the theme.

Pretty much all of WordPress Sites will let you see their Style.css file. If the site owner does not delete the comment lines, you will be able to find the themes name there.

Find Theme of a WordPress Site – The Ultimate Method

question markThis is the method which works pretty much every time. If the above two methods do not work for you then you have to try this. Don’t worry it is not Rocket Science. So, here what you need to do is contact the Administrator of the website and simply ask them which theme they are using.

You do not see that one coming, Right? Yeah, it is a very simple thing to do. All you need to do is find the contact us page of a site and ask the site owner which theme they are using. Many people have already done this with me. I receive these type of emails pretty much every week saying “Your site is beautiful, can you tell me which theme you are using?”

Yeah, that is it, nothing more. But, I have replied to every one of those emails. So, why don’t you do this too? If you want to find which theme a WordPress site is using, just ask the owner you will get 100% right info.

Please Note: Most of the Site owner are busy people, so don’t do this before tying your hands with the first two methods. Also don’t ever use any nulled or pirated theme , Unless you want your site to get hacked.

My Conclusion

Finally, I would like to say that – There is nothing wrong with using the same theme which your primary competitor uses. Just make sure you do not copy every single design element (Colour, Logo Style, Font combination) that they use. Nobody will like your site if it is just a copy of someone others site. Also, you should not steal codes from other sites.

So, Go ahead find the best WordPress theme for your blog. Execute any of these three methods and find What WordPress theme is that. So Which of these methods you tried to find the perfect WordPress theme for your blog? Share the name of that theme in the comments. Moreover, Share this post on the social media if you think anyone will find this post useful.

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  1. I liked your post and it’s really a nice post.Before some months i opened a blog and it’s theme was completely awesome and very fast though now i forget that blog’s name but i also liked your blog’s theme and will apply it on my new blog.

    • Hey Sanket Thanks , i have done a lot of work to find a great theme.. more than 1k themes tested already.. 🙂

  2. Hello Sagar,

    I just found another resource to the above ones that is more faster and reliable. I’ve tried WhatWPThemeIsthat, but the script has some glitches and doesn’t show the output layout correctly. You can also confirm it. BTW you can give your next 1001’s try to this resource :


  3. Hi Sagar,

    Is there any way or method to check theme or template name? as I’ve tried your method to check its theme name but didn’t find it 🙁 Please explain.


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