This tutorial will teach you how to watch country restricted YouTube videos. Sometimes you will see messages like “This Video is Not Available in Your Country” or “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” on many YouTube videos. Well, you get it right these videos are country restricted.

Youtube This Video is not Available in your country

I used to watch “Last Week Tonight” on their YouTube channel. But recently they made the last episode of their show country restricted. So now I could not watch it on youtube. Till today that video is showing this message “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” on the youtube page.

video not available in your country

So my eager to watch that video made me write this article. Back then I was looking for some workarounds to watch that video. After some time I finally found the working methods. So, If you are someone who has found himself/herself in the same situation, then you will find this post useful.

Below you can start reading the working methods to bypass youtube geo-restrictions and watch country restricted youtube videos. So, without further ado, start reading the first method below.

1. Download That YouTube Video To Watch It

This is by far the easiest and most less technical method for watching these type of youtube videos.

You can use online services like or to download youtube videos on your phone or computer without using any software.

Though there are many apps available for doing the same (like Tubemate for Android), I still recommend all of you to use an online service for downloading youtube videos especially if you are someone who needs to download youtube videos very occasionally. Also, using online services will be much faster for this.

You can watch the video below to learn how to download youtube videos easily using one of the many online youtube downloader websites. (Don’t forget to subscribe)

After you download the video, it will be saved on your device’s local storage. So, now you can watch it there anytime you want.

For the geeks out there, The servers of “youtube downloader” websites are not hosted in your country so even if you can’t access those that website can.

If you don’t like this method, then below you can read the next method for watching youtube videos not available in your country.

2. Use Free VPNs to Bypass YouTube’s Country Restrictions

If you follow this method, then you can watch that video on the youtube site itself.

Another way to avoid getting the geo-restriction error message on YouTube is to use a VPN service. In this, you can watch the video on YouTube itself without downloading it. A VPN is a secure proxy service. It works like the medium between your computer and When you use a VPN will see a different country IP for your computer. So, it will let you watch that video without any issue.

You can download a VPN App on your computer like Psiphon or you can use a simple chrome extension for this purpose. The later one is much easier that’s why for this instance we will use an extension rather than an app.

There are many VPN extensions available on Chrome Web Store, but for this example, we will use “Zenmate VPN.” You can download this from here (Chrome web store link).

After you install it on your browser, you will need to create a free zen mate account. After that open the youtube video page. Now you will be able to watch country restricted youtube videos on the youtube site itself.

3. Follow This Simple Trick to Fool YouTube 😉

There is a simple method which you can use to watch blocked videos in your country. For doing this, all you need to do is change or modify the default YouTube URL of the particular video, You need to replace the /watch?v= with /v.

For instance, if let’s presume you want a youtube video which has the URL: then the modified URL will be Just enter this into your browser’s address bar and Boom! You can now watch the video without any issue.

4. Replace “Tube” With “Pak” And Watch The Video

You can change the “tube” part of the video URL with “pak” and press enter. Now your page will be redirected to a new website called “” The interface of this new site is pretty identical to youtube. You can watch the video there. You can even see the original comments from that youtube video on that site. However, you can’t post a comment or like a video from this site. It’s just a replica of youtube without many its features.

5. Add “SS” before The “You” To Watch the Video

You can also add “ss” before the “you” of the youtube URL and press enter. Your page will now be redirected to site where from you can download the video in a few selected formats like 720p, 480p, 360p, mp3, etc. Download the video and watch it, problem solved.

If you want to download the video in HQ, then check the first method.

6. Use Services Like Hola Free VPN & Others

There are some others methods for bypassing youtube video not available on your country warning. For instance, you can use browser extensions like Hola, which will work just like Zenmate, but Hola is completely free. You can download Hola from these links for your browser.

Hola Free VPN Download For Chrome

My Conclusion

We all love to use YouTube. But there are some things about YouTube, which makes us fell Irritated. I think Country restricted videos are one of those most hated things about this site.

You may have noticed that not all the videos uploaded on YouTube are accessible to everybody. Just Like Google Play store YouTube also lets uploaders to enable GEO-Restriction on their videos. Some individuals and many companies use this feature very often, and as a result, we miss some awesome videos.

But, you don’t need to worry anymore if you want to watch any country restricted video on YouTube without waiting for the uploader to remove the restriction, just the follow any of those three workarounds. I am sure you will find this article useful. If you do, Then let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Have a great day.

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