For those of you that are fans of the NFL games and the super bowl, missing the game is not the best feeling in the world. If for some reason you do not have access to a cable TV, or you just lost your cable subscription, we might be able to help you with that. We will tell you of ways to watch NFL Games or any other videos without a cable connection.

Watch NFL Games Without Cable

Today, a cable subscription is not the only option for watching shows that used to be only available on cable channels. Sports channels, documentaries, and even movies are now accessible through an internet connection. And this includes your favorite NFL channels.

So if you have an internet subscription or even just internet data on your mobile phone, you can have access to your favorite NFL games anytime and anywhere. Want to learn how? Let’s start, then.

Watch NFL Games Without Cable

One of the most popular known channels that provide NFL games is the NFL Network. Apparently, they cater mostly to provide and deliver all the actions about the NFL. Another popular channel is ESPN which is globally known to give us the news and update everything about sports including Football.

In this list, we will recommend you online services include these channels or at least has similar programs. If you’re ready, let’s start.

YouTube NFL Channel

YouTube NFL ChannelWe will start with the easiest one. Did you know that the YouTube platform has an NFL channel dedicated to football fans and super bowl events? Well, if you didn’t then this should come as a surprise to you.

The only downside about this channel is that they do not give or stream live NFL events. That means you can only watch highlights of the game. And at some later time, that’s when you can watch the replay of the past games.

Admittedly, this is only for those who are fine with late broadcasts and replays. But since not everybody has the time to go and watch live games with busy schedules, this option should be fine. After all, it’s free and always available.

YouTube TV

YouTube TVHere is the part of YouTube that is not free and you can get live broadcasts of NFL games. The YouTube TV is $40 a month and provides more than 60+ quality channels.

And in the case of NFL games, the YouTube TV does not have coverage for NFL channel, but it has subscription rights to three ESPN major channels. So that is just as good as you’ll ever get since ESPN does not just offer football events but all other sporting games available online. And yes, there’s a free trial period if you want just to learn more about it.

It’s also worth mentioning that YouTube TV allows DVR or recording of any video streaming. And there’s no set limit as to how much you can record, unlike most OTT providers. To add more to that already great feature, the recording can stay up to nine months onto your playlist before it gets deleted.

The limitation is that it is only available inside the US territories. So if you are from overseas, you can either forget about it or try using a VPN service.

NFL App for Verizon Wireless

NFL AppIf you are a Verizon Wireless subscriber then here’s something to put a smile on your face. For those of you that are fans of NFL, you can watch live TV coverage of all NFL games for free.

You not only can watch NFL games but also listen to audio feeds from both teams. Get the highlights in real time, and that includes the score.

The downside is that this privilege is only for mobile users. But if you own a TV running Android, you get to enjoy this on a bigger screen. So if you are okay with that, then this is perhaps your ticket to getting NFL 24/7.

Sling TV

Sling TVHere is a little more serious streaming service that is worth watching out for. The Sling TV is the first ever multichannel live TV that utilizes the benefits of the internet.

One great thing that makes Sling TV better than the majority of online TV services is that their subscription costs are low. They only charge $25 for monthly Sling Orange package. And this includes Disney and ESPN.

The not so good side about the Sling TV is that you can only stream to one device at a time. So if you are watching NFL game on your tablet and your brother decided to watch other channels on his laptop, you will be prompted to choose which device should continue streaming the video.

The Sling Blue allows for up to three devices to stream simultaneously but this package does not include Disney and ESPN. But at least you get extra ten channels which include Nat Geo, NBC channels, and NFL network. Since you’re just after the NFL channel, it should only be fine.

CBS All Access

CBS All AccessThe CBS All Access is another excellent choice for those that can’t afford higher rates subscription. Their package only costs $5.99 a month and only $60 if you pay for the whole year.

The juicy thing about the CBS All Access is that after you are done watching NFL games, you get to shift to watching other TV shows. If you do not know yet, the CBS is a great network that offers great titles with more than 10,000 numbers of episodes.

The downside is that the NFL live streaming is not available on mobile phones. Only the Windows OS devices, Roku, Android Smart TV, Chromecast, Xbox, and PS4, are allowed to stream NFL live games.

Amazon Prime

Amazon PrimeThe Amazon Prime is another sucker for NFL. Just April this year, it was reported that NFL and Amazon just stroke another deal to give the giant company the Thursday Night Football streaming rights.

As of the time of writing this article, the cost for Amazon Prime subscription is just $2.99 for the first six months. It goes back to the normal charge of $5.99 for the rest of the months that you stay with them. Now that should be something to consider and grab immediately.

If you are undecided, you may try the free trial period and see if their schemes suit your needs and taste. And for those Twitch users and fans, the Amazon Prime included the Twitch Prime membership in the package for free. Talk about great deals.

In Conclusion

These are the best offers that we can find for all of you that feel the need to get their NFL fix. We understand you. We feel the same way when it’s game time, and there are hardly any ways to watch the game live.

So we are hoping that this list could give you the solution that you are looking for. As you might have noticed, some of the suggestions listed here are online service subscription. So if you happen to be already a user of any of the services listed here, then you might as well take advantage of it.

Which of these video streaming services would you like to try now? Tell us what you think and why you chose the service in the comment section below.

You may ask some questions or even share some suggestions if you have another good streaming service in mind. We would love to know more.

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