The iOS is renowned as the safest mobile OS ever made. Despite having gone through some odd attacks in the past, it still stays at the top of the list in terms of security.

Useful iPhone iPad Tips & Tricks

One of the major disadvantages of iOS bears is the lack of user-friendliness. You may feel that the company is forcing us to go their way rather than giving us options to choose from. That’s why Android users take some time to get the hang of iOS.

In this article, you are going to get some useful iOS tips that help you increase the user experience. The following are the tips you will wish you knew earlier.

Tip 1: Find out the Delivery Times of Text MessagesSee Message Sent


Even in this social media era, people still use text messages. You may be one of them. Have you ever wondered why replies take much time? Then, you must check the delivery times because the person on the other end doesn’t get the message at once sometimes.

For that, you have to open an SMS thread and swipe from right to see delivery times of all the messages you send and receive.

Tip 2: Set Alphanumeric Passcode

Most probably, you are using a numeric passcode on your iPhone. On the contrary, you can go for an alphanumeric passcode to increase the safety of your device.

How can you do that? Well, first go to Settings>> Touch ID and Passcode>> Change Passcode. When you have to enter the new passcode, go with passcode options. You will get multiple options of which, one is Custom Alphanumeric Passcode.

Tip 3: Swipe Right to Go Back

Swipe back gesture

If you just started using the iPhone after breaking up with Android, you will find it awkward not having a dedicated back button. But guess what? You can use a gesture to go back on some applications like Mail, Messages, and Safari.

All you have to do is swiping from right to left. The gesture will bring you to the previous screen. As stated earlier, it doesn’t work on every app.

Tip 4: Set Custom Replies for Missed Calls

Message Figure

Almost every smartphone has replies for missed calls today. You can send the premade messages according to the context in case it is impossible for you to pick the call. Sometimes, we feel the default templates are not enough.

If you feel the same, go to Settings>> Phone>> Respond with Text to write your own messages there. When someone calls you again, all you have to do is selecting the right one.

Tip 5: Get the Domain Extensions on the Keyboard

List of domain extensions

Have you ever wished for a .com button on your iPhone keyboard? How easier the browsing would have been if you had had it?

You can get that in a flash of the second, actually. When you are about to type an address, finish the part before the dot first. Then, long-press the ‘full stop’ button on the keyboard to get multiple domain extensions.

Wrapping Up

You have got five useful tips for your iPhone now. Do you have any doubts? Just scribble down your issue in the comment section below. And, let us know if you want the second part of this article.

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  1. You can refresh AppStore cache, just tap any of the bottom icons of AppStore for 10+ times the same button you selected, and you notice the icons will refresh.


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