If somebody asks, you’d say that you are pro at using Google, right? Afterall you use it every day, and consider it your best friend which answers all your queries instantly.

Useful Google Search Hacks

But do you know, there are more untapped Google Search hacks which can make your Google search experience even better. We are here talking about something beyond the regular Google searches. For example, when you are missing one or two words of a quote to send over your client – you can use an asterisk. Or you can get currency conversion just by searching the same, e.g., 2700$ in INR.

So brace yourself, because you’re going to fall in love with Google even more. Here are some of the most effortless yet useful Google search hacks which you should be using.

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Best Google Search Hacks

5Use Tabs

The very first and basic tip to use Google Search is to make use of Google tabs which offer you to search for images, news, videos and more. Using these tabs define the type of results you are seeking for, use Images to do an image search and News when you are searching for news. It’s true that many people already use these options, but if you don’t then start utilizing them. These can potentially cut a lot of unwanted or irrelevant search results.

4Search for Exact Phrase

There are times when we don’t want irrelevant results on our Google search results page. So to minimize the guesswork is done by Google, use quotes on both sides of your phrase to get specific results. When you use quotes, it instructs Google to search for the exact phrase in the exact order. This comes really vital to obtain specific information which might be buried around other content.

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3Search Results From a Specific Site

There might be a time when you want to get search results from a specific site only. In this regard, you can enter your search keywords followed by site: (site and then colon). This will obtain articles or contents from a particular website and all other results will be excluded from the page. For example:

  • Parliament Members site:parliamentofindia.nic.in

This will search for Parliament Members but the results will be limited to the site parliamentofindia.nic.in

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2Hyphen to Exclude Words

Sometimes you might find yourself searching for a specific word with a particular meaning. There are a few names which have more than one meaning, an example of the same is Puma. When you search for Puma you would get results of Puma sports accessories and cats. To eliminate one out, just put a hyphen followed by the category to replace one or the other. For example:

  • Puma -sports

This will tell the search engine to search for Puma but exclude any results containing sports. This method can come really handy when you need information about something without seeing information about the other thing.

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1Do Calculations

Being a college student it is my personal favorite feature of Google Search, it can actually do your Maths. You can ask some basic as well as some difficult ones, however, you should note that it cannot solve all math problems. For example:

  • 9+4*8
  • Sphere Formula

Google Sphere Formula

The first example is a simple maths calculation which would result in 41. It will also open the calculator on the search result page for you to do further calculations in a more convenient manner. The second example tells you the formulae to obtain the volume of a sphere. Moreover, it will also give you the volume of a sphere when you input the value of its radius. So, it can not only solve basic and some advanced mathematical problems but also tell you maths formulas.

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