Are you looking for a workaround that will help you to upload your photos to Instagram without using your smartphone but your PC/MAC computer? If yes then read this post carefully here I have shared how to upload images to Instagram (Without BlueStacks).

Upload Pictures to Instagram from PC & MAC

There are plenty of recourses available out there for using Instagram on PC with BlueStacks or other Android Emulators. I think you guys don’t want to use that software. So, here in this post, I’m sharing a workaround which will help you to upload Pictures to Instagram without BlueStacks.

Instagram is a popular social network which lets you share pictures with the world. Officially Instagram is available as an app for the major smartphone platforms but there is no official computer app available yet.

Although there is a Windows 8 App for Instagram, that is only for Windows 8 Users, you can check that here. So, what if you are not using Windows 8? Can’t you upload Instagram on Your PC/MAC computer? Of course, you can. That’s what I am sharing with you guys here.

How to Upload Pictures to Instagram from PC/MAC

Although Instagram can be accessed from the desktop, the problem is – there is no option on the website for uploading pictures to Instagram from your computer.

That’s where Gramblr comes in, this a free tool available for both PC and MAC for Uploading Pictures from your Computer to Instagram. This is a pretty interesting and useful software and currently one of the easiest solutions for Uploading Picture to Instagram without using a smartphone. You can follow the steps below or you can even watch the video above for learning how to use Gramblr.

  1. Go to the official Website of Gramblr and download the app for your Computer or you may use this alternative link. If you are using a Windows Computer the download will be of 3MB and if you are using a MAC computer then the download will be 25MB.
  2. Now install it on Your Computer. Just follow the screen instruction and install it just like you install any other software on your Computer.
  3. Next Open Gramblr and login to with your Instagram Account.
  4. Now choose the photo from your computer.
  5. Now Click on Upload and Give Caption to your Photo and after that, your Picture will be successfully uploaded to Instagram.

So that was the entire guide, hope you find it useful. If you need any help then don’t hesitate to comment below. Regards: admin.

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  1. Hi. thanks for this article:) I’d like to recommend another way to post photos to instagram from a PC without downloading. Enjoy!

  2. It always sucks and everytime returns 500 Internal Server error which either means server is not able to handle the requests or the server is not configured properly.

  3. I have tested a lot if ways that is in internet to send photo to instagram but i was no sucsessfull

  4. Hello , Thanks For This Great Post i Want To Mention That You Can Upload photos directly from your Computer Browser to your Instagram account without needing your phone, schedule Instagram posts by creating a calendar to publish on the required day and time to get more followers, and manage multiple accounts and post on any account at the same time.

  5. Doesn’t work. It tells me it’s not able to handle requests or the server is not configured properly. What a total waste of my time trying it three times and having the same crap come up.


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