Here I have shared the step by step process for updating your PC/Laptops Graphic Card driver. Some games and software require the latest Graphic driver to run seamlessly on your PC, that’s why you should read this post.

Update PC Laptop Graphic Card Drive

Every PC comes with graphics card driver installed on it, but with time the driver starts to become old and after certain years it becomes obsolete. These days many new software and games require the latest version of the graphics driver.

For instance, Bluestacks requires the latest graphics card driver installed on your computer. Otherwise, it won’t run on your machine, and you will get face error 25000. But, it’s not only about BlueStacks. There are tons of other software (mainly games) which require the latest graphics driver software.

Anyhow, I think I have discussed enough the requirements and needs this, now let’s check the method below.

Updating Graphics Card Drivers on Windows PC/Laptop

So below I have shared my step by step guide (with pictures) about updating your Windows PC graphic card driver. Don’t worry it not at all hard, actually, it’s pretty easy to do, anyone can do this(if he/she knows how to do).

For this instance, I am showing you the step by step guide on my Windows 7 computer, but this method applies to all version of windows as well as 7(like Windows XP, 8/8.1, 10). So, start checking the step by step guide below.

Step 1: First Go to Start Menu and Search for “Update Device Drivers” and click on that.

Update Graphic Card Driver step 1

Step 2: Now in the new window you will see all the device which are connected to your computer (Monitor, Keyboards, etc.).

Here under Display Adapter, you can see the graphics card which you are currently using on your computer.

Step 4: So, right click on Display Adapter and click on “Update Driver Software.”

Update Graphic Card Driver step 2

Step 5: Next Click on “Search Automatically for Updates Driver Software.

Update Graphic Card Driver step 3

Now depending on your internet speed, your computers graphics driver will be automatically downloaded from the internet and installed on your PC.

Once the process completes you will see “Driver Software Update Complete” messages, at this point just restart your computer.

My Conclusion

From my experience, I can say that – an old driver can make you crazy! A few days back, I was trying to install Bluestacks on my computer. But whenever I attempt to install that software, I see an error message called “We can’t recognize the graphics card driver, you may need to update your Graphics Driver”. That time as a quick solution I choose to install some other Android emulator as an alternative to Bluestacks.

But, today I updated my graphics card driver, and now it’s running smoothly without any problem. I think you will find this guide useful, comment below if you face any problem.

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  1. Sagar Basak,
    Your blog website “mostusefultricks” is excellent location where we can find guides and solutions for problems faced by many.
    Compliments for maintaining this most useful site.
    I have a question: How to create an ISO image of Windows 7 OS and store on DVD or Pendrive?
    This will help to reinstall the OS in case failure of the OS on your PC or Laptop.
    Checked many sites but could not find a suitable answer.
    Waiting for your reponse

    A. S. Bhasker Raj

    • Thanks for your Kind Words 🙂

      So, you want to create a Windows 7 ISO file and Create a DVD or Pen Drive. Here you have two options – 1. You can either download it from the Web and create bootable Pen Drive or DVD, or 2. you can create a exact copy of another window 7 DVD using “Nero” (It can be tricky for a newbie!).

      If you want to create a Bootable USB, then first Download Windows 7 ISO (Search on Google for Download Windows 7 ISO). After that, download “Rufus” software, it’s a small software which can create bootable USB from ISO file. It’s pretty easy to use, anyone can create Bootable USB using it.

      However If you need a detailed guide then reply (below this comment), I will try to publish a detailed post on this topic.

      Hope I’m able to help you.

  2. hi basak,need assistance i did try to install bluestack after downloading but it tells me that the grahic card am using is unrecognized,av update to date the grahic card but its still fruitless

  3. I am trying to install bluestack in my HP laptop with windows 10 os , but at the time of installation it will show that blue screen and error name is “system service exception”.
    What that mean ? And how to solve it ??

  4. Bro…I want to upgrade the graphic card driver on my laptop in windows 10 …but it need to the internet conection …and I have only one thing to the internet conection – mobile hotspot …so, I want to know. ..How many size of the graphic card driver for lattest version upgrade???…

    • I can’t say any exact number as i don’t know which driver your computer needs, But i think it will be around 300MB in size. If you have 3G or 4G then it won’t take more than 5-10 Minutes.

  5. I am trying to install bluestacks native 2 on my Pavillon DM1 Laptop, and it keeps telling me “Failed to Install” I dont know whats causing this. My graphic card is up todate

  6. my bluestack doesn’t pass the grey loading loading page
    ad i wait forever… send me your personal email i want some extra tricks….

  7. hi basak,need help i did try to install bluestack after downloading but it tells me that the DotNet framework 4.6 not find…then after click on continue during installation & download missing file….whenever bluestack not install on my pc.

    • Hey Meraj,

      You have to download the .NET framework 4.6 first and install it.

      After you install the .NET Framework try to install BlueStacks it will get installed.



  8. hey basak…..i am installing bluestacks …… graphic driver is uptodate and the .net framework 4.6 is also installed but bluestacks fails after 51% installation ………need help….please

    • Call me Sagar,

      Tell me what error message you see on your computer screen when bluestacks fails after 51% installation.



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