In this era of the smartphone, most of the people use their phones & computers to surf the web. And there are a lot of browsers available for PC, Android, as well as the iOS platform. But the UC Browser stands out amidst the long list of web browsers. And this is why we recommend the UC Browser download for all your computing device.

UC Browser Download For PC, Android & iPhone

UC Browser is the most widely used mobile phone internet browser in China, India, and Pakistan. The Developer (UCWeb) claims it as the 2nd most used web browser in Indonesia. And 4th most widely used mobile phone browser worldwide.

All these stats are not only because of its good User Interface but also because it has got a serious load of features packed inside. Other than just browsing the World Wide Web, UCWeb keeps on growing rapidly. With 80% of its 3,000 representatives involved in research and innovative work. UCWeb has more than 200 licenses in the field of versatile data encryption.

UC Browser Download For Your Device

App NameUC Browser v7.0.185
Size2MB (28MB with installer)
PlatformWindows 7/8/10
AuthorUCWeb Inc.

Download UC Browser For PC

Download UC Browser Offline Installer

UC Browser For Android

UC Browser For iPhone

The UC Browser was developed, by a team of highly dedicated members of the Chinese mobile internet company “UCweb” which is owned by Alibaba Group. It was first launched in April 2004, as a J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) only.

Now in 2019, in the era of smartphones, it is available on almost all the platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. So you can now imagine why UC Browser download for your device is important.

Why Choose UC Browser?

The UC browser comes with the full package of features loaded. Other than just browsing the web, It has an amazing UI with vivid colors and a very sleek design. Here is the list of features and the short description of them.

Data Compression: Data compression saves data and reduces the bandwidth consumption. Which also helps in to access the web faster, as UC Browser performs more rendering and compression work on its server, Similar to the operation of a thin client.

Download management: The UC web browser supports parallel downloads, and also includes a download manager, which can help in pausing and resuming the downloads, The download manager automatically sorts downloaded data according to their file type and then places them into the respective folders.

Cloud: This system makes the browser fetch/send data from the closest servers, which makes the data loading process smoother and faster.

HTML5: The UC Browser also supports HTML5, which is the latest version of Hypertext markup language that has an offline application cache facility.

UC+: The UC+ is an open platform which consists of a Web App store, Developers can use an SDK provided to create programs, which can be called in different usage scenarios. Users can download them from browser’s ADD on a panel to get a personalized surfing experience.

This list is long which includes many other features. It boasts premium web browser general features like bookmarks, smart browser history management and sharing web pages on all other social platforms, etc.

UC Browser Download and Installation on Smartphone

It’s very easy to download and install UC browser on your Smartphone. All you need to do is follow this UC Browser download procedure through the links we have provided.

When the download completes the next thing you need to do is to install the app on your smartphone. To do this, just follow the easy steps written below.

  1. Download the UC Browser APK from the download button above.
  2. After the download completes, tap on the APK file and give all the necessary permissions (and also make sure that “Unknown sources” is checked in your settings)
  3. Just click on install and wait until the installation finishes, that’s it.

Final Verdict

As a user’s point of view, what I felt that it is very smooth and faster than all the other available browsers available on the app stores. It has the best download manager among all competitors; its UI is easy, and the app is reliable and secure as well.

We have tried to include all the details in this post. Even though, if you want to suggest some edit, or want something to be added then put them down in the comments. Have some thoughts? Share them below.

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