By reading this article you will learn how to transfer money from Freecharge to Paytm Account the easy way. Read more to learn how.

Transfer money from freecharge to PayTM

Freecharge and Paytm, these two are one of the leading digital payment wallets in India. Freecharge being started with an amazing boost somewhat failed to capture a strong customer base and ended up getting acquired by Snapdeal. Still, Freecharge is considered as a major online payment wallet and is trying hard to cope-up with the competitors.

On the other hand, Paytm (funded by Alibaba Group) successfully hit a hammer on the right moment (demonetization) which raised its customers and merchants in a marginal way.

You can find shops accepting Paytm as a payment method in your area, but you would not find shops accepting freecharge. So, it may not be wise to carry Freecharge money and purchase products.

How to Convert Freecharge Balance To Paytm Balance

So what if you still want to convert your balance on Freecharge to Paytm currency? There is still a working method, so lets jump straight into it.

Step 1: Login into your Freecharge account using the Freecharge application on your smartphone.

Step 2: You will find a window containing a button labeled withdraw to a bank.

Step 3: Enter the account details and click on withdraw.

Step 4: Wait for the money to get credited in your bank account.

Step 5: Now open Paytm and click on Add money.

Step 6: Enter the amount you wish to add in Paytm.

Step 7: Enter your card/net banking details and complete the transaction.

Congratulations! You have now converted your Freecharge to Paytm Balance.

Why You Need To Convert Your Freecharge Balance To Paytm Balance

  1. Paytm has a huge network, you will find a lot of retailers accepting Paytm as a payment method. While in the freecharge case you won’t find many retailers.
  2. You can’t withdraw freecharge balance to bank account till 45 days of being added to the Freecharge balance.
  3. Freecharge usage NEFT to transfer your balance to your bank account which is not instant.
  4. Many other reasons.

Let’s just accept the fact that Freecharge money has multiple online usages like bill payments, recharge, flight bookings, movie bookings, online shopping, etc. But what if somehow you want your Freecharge balance to be converted into Paytm balance?

There was a working method before: you needed to apply for a virtual debit card on your Freecharge account and then use its card credentials to add money on Paytm.

But unfortunately Paytm doesn’t accept Freecharge VCC anymore. However, you can follow the steps I have written above to transfer balance from Freecharge to Paytm cash.

Wrapping Up

After the previous Freecharge VCC method stopped working, we have introduced the new working method. We understand that the new process of transferring Freecharge to Paytm balance is little long, but its completely tested and is working.

We took utmost care to make sure that the guide is simple and informative still if you face any difficulties then let us know. Which digital wallet you like more and why? Let us know in the comments.

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