Snapchat Plus Solar System Guide


Snapchat introduced its paid exclusive version for the most dedicated community members to share the limited special features which are in their experimental phase or are pre-released for the premium users.

In June 2022, Snapchat introduced this new version of Snapchat Plus with monthly paid subscription charges and has come up with some exciting features.

One such feature that received the most attention from premium users is the Snapchat Plus Solar System and in this article, we will discuss it in detail.

Snapchat Plus Solar System

Snapchat Solar System has received the most recognition from its users. This premium version is gaining popularity because of its customizable features and one such feature is the “Close Friend List”.

This exclusive feature gives users access to enlist 8 friends to their list whom they make the most interaction with. By doing so, Snapchat Plus Algorithm categorizes them into planet-based bitmoji displays.

For Snapchat Plus users, they can see Friends or Best Friends which appear with a Golden Ring when their Friendship Profile is opened.

Best Friends on Snapchat Plus

Best Friends is a tag in Snapchat Plus that indicates that the users are one of the closest friends of each other on the app based on their interaction via snap count and chats shared.

The “Friends” tag depicts that the user is one of the eight closest friends of the friend whose profile is opened but they are not one of the user’s close friends.

The badge of each close friend appears with a Solar System planet which demonstrates the level of friendship based on the planet.

The planets’ order is the same as the Solar System and the ranks of the planet show the number on which your friendship stands on the list of eight.

How Does Snapchat Plus Solar System Work?

This feature makes the user the center of the friendship, which is the Sun in the Solar System, whereas the eight Close Friends in the list demonstrate the intensity of friendship on Snapchat Plus.

Just like Eight Solar System Planets, eight friends in the close friend list are categorized.

PlanetNumber in OrderColorBitmoji
Mercury1Pink with red heartsemoji
Venus2Beige with blue, yellow, and pink heartsvenus
Earth3Blue and green with red hearts and a moonearth
Mars4Red with blue and purple heartsMars
Jupiter5Orange with stars no heartsJupiter
Saturn6Yellow with a ringSaturn
Uranus7Green with stars and no heartsUranus
Neptune8Blue with stars and no heartsNeptune

Where Mercury represents the closest on-app friendship as the number one planet in the solar system. The list continues with Venus as 2nd close friend, Earth as the third, Mars as the fourth, Jupiter as the fifth, Saturn as the sixth, Uranus as the seventh, and Neptune marks the last of the close friend list.

Note: The friendships on the close friend list depict the actual solar system order but it is worth noticing that both the user and the friend must have a linked Bitmoji. Only then, this feature can be accessed.

 Snapchat Plus Free Trial, How to Try it?

Snapchat’s paid version with all its features like Friends Solar System can be tried and tested by taking the app’s free trial.

The free trial comes for seven days in which the users can see where they exist in their friend’s solar system of friendship.

The paid premium version of Snapchat comes with monthly subscription charges of $ 3.99. Whereas if someone wants to enjoy it for six months, the package comes at $ 21.99 and for purchasing an annual subscription to the said app, the charges are $ 39.99.

However, if users first want to try the app’s exclusive features before buying the subscription, a free trial is a great option.

To move on to the Snapchat Plus version, follow the below-given steps:

  • To get the premium version, users first need to update the Snapchat app to its latest version.
  • Start the app and head to your user profile.
  • Search for the “Snapchat +” banner and click on it.
  • Skim the information regarding terms and conditions and plans.
  • Choose a suitable plan.
  • Click on the “Start 7-Day Free Trial” option.
  • Choose a trustworthy payment method for subscribing to the offer.
  • Once the free trial initiates, head over to the profile of a friend.
  • Look for the Friend or Best Friend’s badge.
  • Click on the golden frame around it.
  • It will open the friendship planet that you are in your friend’s solar system.

Snapchat Planets for All Users, Is It Coming?

Snapchat Plus features like Friendship Planets are currently only available for premium users. To enjoy this feature, users have to buy any subscription that suits them well.

It can also be accessed by using the free trial but it expires after seven days.

For free version users, this feature is unavailable currently.

Unfortunately, Snapchat has no plans to bring it to the free version users son. As this feature is experimental, it still needs to be decided whether to bring it for everyone or not.

Also, the premium version is available for limited geographical regions, thus the Snapchat Solar System feature is also limited to some countries due to the Snapchat Plus Subscription availability.

The company is planning to make this version of the app available to the maximum number of countries across the globe.


Snapchat Plus version has many exclusive features for its premium using community and offers a lot of customizable options. Snapchat Solar System however has received a great response from users making it one of the most well-received features of the subscription-based Snapchat version.

It comes with a close friend list, with each friend’s bitmoji appearing with a planet following the same planet order as the actual solar system. With Mercury as the closest BFF and Neptune as the farthest friend among the close friend list.