Since the last decade, Online Shopping has marked an extensive growth. People often prefer to shop online rather than going to store and purchase it. Shopping online is considered sensible as long as the product doesn’t need a physical inspection.

Save Money & Earn While Shopping Online

There are many e-commerce portals kicking in each year providing whopping discounts as compared to the offline market. Those discounts especially excite people who are brand conscious and love to shop online. However, as everything has its downside – shopping online has too.

These discounts lure customers and sometimes users end up buying products which they don’t need actually. People often buy things online by the attraction of discount margin which the e-commerce website provides. I have seen many e-commerce websites, observe their growth and downfall. There are even more websites which came and the owners sold it off due to continuous loss.

With the ease of online payments and cash/card on delivery methods, e-commerce portals have made it really easy to purchase online. If you are living in a metro city, shopping online would be even easier for you than going to shops and purchase products.

In this article, I will guide you through the secret tips based on my experience to get maximum savings out of your online shopping.

Tips While Shopping Online To Get Maximum Savings and Benefits

smart online shopping

  • Do not buy a product just because it has a good discount labeled, buy it only if you really need it.
  • Don’t become an impulsive buyer. People who have a habit of buying things which they like instantly often end up realizing that they wasted their money on certain products.
  • Many of the e-commerce website offer coupon fields to slash off the paying amount in the final cart. So, always look for coupons before making the final payment.
  • Don’t go for the cheapest product even if you are tight on budget rather go for the second cheapest product. It will surely make an observable difference in your collection.
  • If the e-commerce website offers 0% EMI – opt for it, this will put a lesser load in your pocket.
  • Make a list of items you need, and regularly check sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and eBay.
  • One of the most important things is to check the return policies of the eCommerce website/Seller. Make sure that the seller is allowing returns on defective items.
  • Always buy from a trusted seller with good ratings.
  • Try to purchase from an e-commerce which has a positive response on the internet or you might end up buying fake or replica.
  • There are websites like Flipkart and Amazon which offer assurance on some handpicked sellers. Buy from those sellers to be on the safest side.
  • There are some Online Price Comparision Websites, which compares the prices of the same products on different leading websites for you. For this, I personally love to compare prices online – so make a habit of comparing rates before you buy online.

Detailed Tips While Shopping Online To Save Maximum Money

We will further discuss and give you detailed information about the most important things you need to remember while shopping online. These would not only save your money but will also help you to avoid the scenario of buying copied/fake products.

Do Comparision Shopping

Comparison Shopping

There are lots of promising e-commerce websites in India which claim to offer unbeatable price tag among all its competitors. But wait, don’t just believe what the website says – do a deep comparison of price tags between those credible shopping websites.

Doing a manual research will eat up your time, there are some portals which offer instant price comparison between the leading shopping portals. Comparing sites like MySmartPrice gives you a deep comparison between the aggregate price from different online retailers.

However, there is a downside that these portals may not include price data from all of the popular retailers. So, the lowest price showed might not be the actual lowest price in the online market. My recommendation will be – try to do manual checking on multiple sites before buying anything online.

Price Alerts

iPhone Price AlertYou can subscribe to price alerts which directly informs you about a price drop of a product you wished to purchase. You just need to put the list of items you wish to buy in a Spreadsheet and the tracker will keep monitoring their prices for you.

There are some online price alert portals which let you set the price alert for products on different online retailers. One of them is which claims that it has sent over 10 million price alerts to its users.

Keep An Eye Regarding Deals On Social Media

Deals On Social Media

Most of the big brands are present on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, they often post whopping deals to influence potential buyers. E-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart have dedicated pages to notify users about deals and notifications for special discount days. You may want to monitor these pages frequently in order to grab a deal as soon as it comes on the way.

There are some Pages and Groups on social media which post loot deals – join them. But be sure that you are fast enough to grab the deal before the stock goes out. I used to know about a Facebook group for deals but I never actually joined it and now it’s dead, search on Facebook and join a few groups to find the best one.

Hunt for Discount Coupons

Discount Coupon

Getting huge discounts by applying coupons is the most traditional way to get discounts online. You can subscribe to portals which updates discount coupons for leading online retailers, few of them are – CouponRaja, Coupondunia, RetailMeNot.

You may not find coupons on these portals at times so you can always do a google search to grab a great discount coupon. Some shopping portals are kind enough to push notifications on the top bar just for you to get a discounted deal, while some others have a dedicated page for coupons and deals.

Tip: There is a Chrome Extension Called Honey, This extension Automatically finds and apply coupon codes when you shop online! you can add it to chrome from here.

Cashback On Purchasing Online

You thought that discounts are the only way to save while buying online? No, leading companies run cashback offers for some products on their portals. So, hunt for coupon codes which provide cashback while doing shopping online.

E-commerce giants have introduced wallet in which your cashback would be credited. For example, Amazon has AmazonPay with which you can not only buy on Amazon but can pay to different merchants, do recharge, pay bills.

The cash back earned in offers and deals are mostly subject to expire in a certain period of time, so make sure that you use it up before its gone.

Tip: You can also use Cash Back Sites like which pays you to shop. You basically have to search for that product on Cashkaro and goto the shopping site from their site, You will get anywhere from a few buck to a few thousand buck (depends on product price) for buying anything using cashkaro. you can learn more about cashkaro and join it from here.

Trusted Online Merchant and Trusted Seller

Always try to shop only from online retailers which have positive reviews. There are dozens of e-commerce websites which mostly send fake products in the name of the original ones. The product is replicated to some expert levels that a normal person might find it difficult to detect that its a fake product.

Shopping giants like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart have thousands of sellers with different ratings ready to sell you products off. Always make sure that you make a purchase from highly rated sellers only. These e-commerce websites also add a verified/assured tag on some super trusted sellers. Now, it’s your call to buy from those sellers to avoid most of the online frauds.


Online Shopping is very convenient and saves your money by offering whopping deals and discounts. People like me often like to shop online rather than going to stores and purchase products. While there are some drawbacks to shopping online but it can almost be avoided if you learn the tips above.

We are sure that this guide would help you as it is a result of years of observing e-Commerce websites closely. What do you prefer more, Shopping Online or Offline? Put your thoughts down in comments.

We are always up to help you regarding any doubts you encounter, push your questions down.

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