Recently, Airtel has announced a new internet data sharing pack which is called ‘My Airtel Family’ Service. This service allows the prepaid users of Airtel to share his/her 3G/4G internet plan (2G not allowed!) with any other 5 prepaid Airtel users. I think presuming that most of the people will share their plans with their family members they named it “My Family Plan”. Although this is not at all limited to only family people.

Share Airtel Data 3G&4G

You can share your 3G/4G Airtel internet balance with pretty much any other Airtel user. One bad thing is you can’t share your 2G internet with your family if you want.

The service is free and has a lot of potentials. You see normally small internet plans (Below 1GB) tend to charge a lot more than the big once (>1GB), so with this plan, you can buy a big internet plan from Airtel and share that with your whole family.

Also, if you want then you can share it with your friends. But they must be Airtel prepaid customers from the same telecom Circle. There are some other limitations of this service as well, you can check all the terms and conditions of this on the official website of Airtel.

After you read the terms and conditions (If you really want to read all that!), you can check below to learn How to Share your Airtel Data(3G/4G) with Family and friends for free using the “My Airtel Family” plan.

Share Airtel 3G or 4G Data using My Airtel Family Pack

The procedure for sharing the internet data of your airtel sim with other 5 people is pretty easy. All you need to do is create a family by going to the official website of Airtel. On the website, you have to log in and then create a family whom you want to share your airtel internet data with.

On that page, you have to add mobile numbers of your family members (to share data with them). You will see options to add your family members mobile numbers. Just enter any Airtel mobile number whom with you want to share your internet balance with and click on add, that’s it you are done.

Now your mobile’s data plan will be available to use from all of that device. For instance, if you brought a plan of 5GB then all these device’s can use that data. It’s up to you and your family members on how much data each one of you will going to use. One thing which should have included(BUT NOT!) in this plan is the ability to track the usage of each individual family members, maybe they will include this feature in the near future.

How to Stop sharing Data with any Airtel Number After adding them on the Family Pack

Now after you add any airtel number on the website as a family, the service will automatically share all your data plans with that person unless you remove that number from your family plan. Follow the method below for deleting any airtel number from “My Airtel Family” plan.

For doing this, you can again login o the official Airtel website and remove any number from there or you can send an SMS <DEL> <space> <10 digits mobile number> to 121. After this, that number will no longer receive advantages of Airtel data that you have recharged your mobile phone with.

My conclusion

Airtel, India’s largest telecom company with over 232 million subscribers have announced a few new internet plans in the last few months. Presuming that you watch the TV, I think you have already seen the Airtel ads. You may have heard about some new services related to Airtel internet plans like – Airtel Data Cashback Offer, Family Data Share etc.

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Now Family Data Share is something new that Airtel has introduced and I really found it useful. With family data share, you can now share your 3G/4G internet plans with your family.

Although many other telecoms already have other plans like this for a long time with different variants of the same thing. But being the biggest telecom operator of the country airtel can gain huge profit from this. More and more people will become attracted to their service and this will ultimately lead to better brand popularity through word of mouth. Anyhow, hope you find this guide helpful, express your comments about Sharing Airtel Data on the comments.

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  1. if my friend”s airtel number in the same circle as mine but now for time is on roaming in other state will the family share still work?

    • I can’t actually tell you which plan will be used first for his data usage , but you can contact the customer care for more info.

  2. First i was owner in my family..after that i remove all members …now i want to become member in others owner..while creating this i getting below error..
    The person you tried to add is already part of a different My Airtel Family and can’t be added to yours.

  3. First i was owner in my family..after that i remove all members …now i want to become member in others owner..while creating this i getting below error..
    The person you tried to add is already part of a different My Airtel Family and can’t be added to yours.

    Contacted Customer care they said, they dont have answer or may be once member deleted can not be added again. could you confirm.

  4. First i was owner in my family..after that i remove all members …now i want to become member in others owner..while creating this i getting below error..
    The person you tried to add is already part of a different My Airtel Family and can’t be added to yours.


  5. sir, i was a family member but now i have deleted my number from family and wanted to join it to another family but i faced some problem and could not join. It show ”you are already an airtel family member but i had deleted it from family. So plz help me

  6. I have shared my data with my friend, now how he can use my data.
    Wether he have to turn on his data connection or me??
    If my data connection is off then he can use my data??
    Please Resolve my query.
    Post your answer to my email ID.

  7. ‘you are already an airtel family member’

    Please resolve this issue.. it will be helpful if you suggest something.

    • If you are already an Family member then first remove your number from the family and then try to add your number to another family.

  8. I had share my 3g data with one of my friend… but she didn’t get notified with sms…
    how can she know about the sharing data..??

  9. Hi, I share my 3g data with my family member, but he didnt notify by any sms. after adding family member how to share data with them. should they open wifi or their mobile data to use sharing internet. if my data is off still can they use my data?….kindly rely for the same..

    • Sonali,

      If your data is off then they won’t be able to use it.

      After you successfully Add someone to your family when ever they will use Internet (Via Mobile Data; I think!) your balance will be charged (If you are the head of the family).

      Also Please make sure that – You have successfully added him Otherwise he may see a huge bill at the end of the month.

  10. I hv recharged with 1498/- 3/4G data net pack but I’m yet to receive my 6GB and moreover I’m not able to share my net to my family member… Hep me

  11. Comment:Ya it will work. I have checked this. It does not matter where the two sims are used. Within the country both of you can use anywhere separately.

  12. There is no data share option in the given ussd codes only talk time shares and advance internet options…..then how share data with ussd codes ?

    • you cannot check the balance in my family plan. only u can use the data of your owner. no one can track the data usage

  13. I have already added my no. To the active member (source member) who has the data a pack of 28 GB 3g/4g. but I can’t get net from source member just it shows only 2kbps to 10kbps speed.when I close data it shows you used 0 mb data.Pls suggest me what can I do??

  14. Comment:i m not able to share my airtel data pack with my family previously i was able to share bt nowadays not able plzz tell me what to do???

  15. I have put an combo pack of 1gb per day and unlimited local call for 399rs but my family members can use only totally 1gb data can they also use daily 1gb data


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