Learn how you can permanently delete files from your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 computer. It’s not just like deleting the files using the delete button. There’s a lot more to it. Read this post carefully and learn all about permanently deleting files from your computer. This is by far the most secure way to delete files.

Permanently Delete Files from your Windows

You usually delete a file using the Delete button or by right-clicking and then deleting the file, right? When you delete a file, it gets stored in the recycle bin or trash. Then you go there and delete it from there too. However, you can press “Shift+Delete” button simultaneously to delete the file directly without going to “Recycle Bin“. That’s all the basic about how to delete a file.

But, have you ever thought “What happens to the file when you delete it?” There a lot of videos online which describes the process of file deletion and what happens to file when you delete it. You can go through those long videos or for your time convenience let me summarize the entire thing.

“When you delete a file from your computer, the computer hides that data(file) instantly. Now your computer doesn’t know where exactly that file is located on your Hard Disk. In this period, You can recover the file easily using same data recovery software like recover.”

So, now with that being said, the question arises “Is it possible to permanently delete any confidential file from a computer?” The answer is – Yes, But it’s not the process of just clicking on the delete button.

Method of Permanently Deleting File from Any Computer

Securely delete files

Previously this article was like using software to delete files permanently from a computer. Now let’s not take the name of the software, but the thing – that was not the securest way to delete any file.

So here is the updated method which I think will make your deleted file 100% unrecoverable. You will be able to delete any file securely from your computer. Start reading the step by step guide below.

delete file

  • Step 1: First create a separate hard disk drive(partition) on your computer. Don’t make this partition too big in size (Make it as small as possible).
  • Step 2: Now you should store all the necessary files (which you want to delete permanently in future) on that drive. When you don’t need the files anymore, just delete those how you usually do.
  • Step 3: After that, format the drive and jump to the
  • Step 4: Next you have to copy any large file which is enough to fill that hard disk drive full.
  • Step 5: After that again do format, that’s it. Now your data is unrecoverable, and it has been permanently deleted.

What we are doing here

As I have talked earlier deleting a file using the delete button won’t permanently delete it. It just makes your computer forgets the location of the file. Unless you follow those steps and fill old file storage space(where your files were previously located) with new data, your files could have been easily recovered.

So, we will store the file on a different drive and then format the drive and then fill the storage with new data, to be 100% sure. Hope you find this post useful to read.

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