YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. On the contrary to generic search engines, it is used for finding videos, as you all know. Not every one of us comes across useful channels on YouTube. So, I thought of making a list of some channels you can’t resist visiting. I have made a list of the ten most useful YouTube channels here. You can find many more as the recommendations on the sidebar of YouTube player. Are you ready to jump into the list? Here you go!

Most Useful Youtube Channels

1. TED and TEDx

TedX TalksI hope you don’t need an introduction to these channels. TED is a media organization that posts talks on social media. You will find tons of useful talks on a wide variety of topics. TEDx YouTube channel posts talk about independent TED events. Once you start watching the talks, you will realize their YouTube channel is a goldmine for inspiration, ideas, and knowledge.

Visit Channel of TED & TEDx

2. FlightMediocrity

FightMediocrityFlight Mediocrity is a channel about book reviews and summaries. You will get to know about some very useful ideas to get success in your life from this channel.

One of my favorite videos of this channel is the FIGHTMEDIOCRITY TOP 9 BOOKS. In this video, the guy talks about the top 9 essential books which everyone should read. Go ahead and check this channel, you will thank me later for sure.

Visit Channel of FightMediocrity

3. eHow

eHOWeHow is a channel dedicated for how to tutorials. They concentrate on posting tutorials on diversified categories.

In case you find it difficult to get tutorials that interest you, just move on to the playlists area. There you can find many tutorials in by categories, in which you will have videos of your favorite topics.

Visit Channel of eHow

4. EricTheCarGuy

Eric The Car GuyDo you have a car? Then, you must follow Eric. He publishes different automobile tutorials and related videos on his channel. Using those, you will never find it difficult to do the cores of your car. He has got a pretty decent following. And of course, he knows what he talks about.

Visit Channel of EricTheCarGuy

5. Tell me why

Tell Me WhyYou might have a lot of questions that need relevant answers. Many whys, hows, whats, and which may be haunting your brain.

Tell Me Why will clear some of them. Even though they haven’t uploaded a video in the last five months, the channel has got many to watch.

Visit Channel of Tell me why

6. FitnessBlender

Fitness BlenderAre you looking for fat burning workout programs? Maybe you want to build some muscles. The fact is you want to be fit.

Then, FitnessBlender is your one-stop place. The channel contains tons of fitness videos.

Visit Channel of FitnessBlender

7. HouseHoldHacker

Household HackerHouseHoldHacker is a channel where you find solutions for many of your daily life issues. Moreover, it helps you build useful tools from the things you see around you.

Visit Channel of HouseHoldHacker

8. Marie TV

Marie TVMarie Forleo is an entrepreneur and her mission is to help us recognize our own potential to become the next entrepreneurial sensation. You must follow her channel if you are or want to be an entrepreneur.

Visit Channel of Marie TV


MKBHDIf you are a gadget freak, you know this channel and the owner, Mr. Marques Brownlee. He posts gadget reviews, consumer electronic videos, and much more.

Marques is one of the widely followed tech reviewers. He is so famous for giving in-depth details on tech that he reviews and any topics that he tackles.

Visit Channel of MKBHD

10. CrashCourse

Crash Course YTThe name says it all. The channel contains tons of course-like videos on a wide range of topics ranging from psychology to games. You need to browse through different playlists to stumble upon the topics you have interests in.

Visit Channel of CrashCourse

11. NigaHiga

NigaHigaI know you are waiting for a funny YouTube channel. NigaHiga is one of the funniest channels on YouTube you can ever come across.

The channel focuses on different genres of comedies that you will find the whole concept enjoyable. Ranging from sci-fi, everyday moments, music, and just crazy ideas out of nowhere. Just check it out.

Visit Channel of NigaHiga

So, what do you think? Did you ever watch videos from any channel I have shared above? Do you have any additions? Let me know below.

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  1. Sandeep mashwari is also a very very very useful channel.he describes our real problems and their solution

  2. cool list .. . i hope you may add technical infected youtube channel
    he is best but the sad news is recently youtube deleted his channel … but he recovered …


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