If you are an avid Android user, I suppose it is safe to say that you spend a lot of time on your smartphone. Aside from the usual social media apps that you do, there are also the games and some productivity tools included there. And since most people nowadays use their phones for almost everything, why not fill it with the most useful apps that are available presently on Google Play Store?

Useful Android Apps to Use

I highly suggest that you check our list carefully. There could be an app in here that is similar to your current favorite app but does better in most areas. So if you are open for suggestion, I encourage you to browse our list as I am pretty sure there are some apps here that would be very useful for you. And I would daresay the most useful Android apps that you will ever find today.

Most Useful Android Apps 2018

We will try to sort the apps that we will mention in this list so that it will be easier for you to choose. Just so we are clear, you do not have to install all of the apps mentioned here. Every app in this list has their particular purpose. Therefore, it is expected that those apps that will suit your needs should be the one you should consider. So let’s start.

Offline Multimedia Players

63VLC Media Player

This media player does not need an introduction. VLC is the King of Windows media player and probably of Android in terms of the number of downloads.

62Video Player All Format / XPlayer

If you need a multimedia player especially a video player, the XPlayer is all you will ever need. You do not even need VLC if you have this app. According to our testing, there are some video formats that play well with this app while VLC will have a hard time playing.


There are many MP3 players in the Google Play Store and some of them are really great. But if you prefer a reliable MP3 player that has all the basic and necessary features, the AIMP is the bomb. It may not have the best-looking interface but it has the simplest and comprehensive GUI. The AIMP is low on system resources, especially on battery juice. Play music for longer using this app.

60Moon Reader

If you want an e-book reader that can run almost all the e-book formats available online, the Moon Reader is the best. It has night mode feature and it can replicate Apple’s e-book reader app. The experience inside is also highly customizable.

Finance Apps

59Mint – Income-Expense, Money Manager

This app manages all your finances from bills and budgeting using this app.


A virtual wallet that you can access online anytime and anywhere. PayPal makes your money safer especially when you use their service on your purchases online.


The Amazon app is an e-commerce app where you can buy and sell products on its platform.

Communication and Social Media

56Facebook app

The Facebook app is a social media app that is used all over the world. Do I need to say more?

55Facebook Lite

The lite version of the full Facebook app that uses less memory, less data, and light on battery.

54Facebook Messenger App

The standalone messenger of the Facebook app. This messaging app functions even without the main Facebook app.

53Messenger Lite

The light version of Facebook messenger app that functions even with 2G and 3G signals. It also uses lower memory and is lighter on system resources such as the battery.


The Instagram is social media for your pictures and videos. If you love selfies, this is your platform.


This SMS app may not have the fanciest GUI but it is the best performing SMS app out there. It has contact blocking features, swipe gestures to access some of the most common tasks that you need, and it’s unbelievably fast and responsive.


It is an SMS app but it can integrate with all your Google apps and services. That means if you are on your Windows PC and laptop, you can still access Hangouts using Gmail.


If you are into team communication outside of the social media platform, the Slacks is the best out there. It is currently being used by corporates and business tycoons because it is reliable and very useful for team-related communications.


The Skype is another communication tool that is most used worldwide. It is capable of video call and chats communication.


The mother of all emailing services is Google’s Gmail. That is of course if you are using Google’s email service.


The Twitter is a social media app solely for texts and images. This is also the mother of the hashtag trend.


A dating app that uses swipe gestures to like and ignore any profile on your screen.

Recreation Apps


If you like to read, you will never run out of reading materials from this app. It has millions of e-books and has the biggest e-library in the world, all from the writers of old and new generations.

43Audiobook from Audible

If you are into audiobooks, this is the best place to get your fix. They have a huge library of audiobooks that will satisfy your cravings.


The video streaming app that can deliver you the best video library online. If you plan to binge-watch your weekend, this is your go-to app.

41HBO Go / HBO Now

Another video streaming app that offers great video library and the home of Game of Thrones series.


The online music player that will bring you your favorite artist all over the world anytime and anywhere you are.


The YouTube app of the most popular video sharing platform. YouTube is the home of all videos online.


If you love singing and you want to share it with the world, this is your social media platform. It brings online karaoke feature to your Android device.


Free video streaming app that allows you to also download everything that you watch within the app.


This app brings you the daily online news all over the world from politics, tech, science, and finance.

Productivity Tools

35Writer Plus

The lightest handy writer app in the Google Play Store. This is best for on-the-go writing tasks and is also highly recommended for those writers who spend long hours as this is light on system resources especially the battery. It features only basic capabilities so do not expect fancy features.

34WPS Office

An alternative for Microsoft Office suite. It is lighter on system resources compared to the full-featured MS Office apps. Plus, it supports PDF file so you will not need another office app ever with WPS.


A task organizer for a team or a company. This is the platform where you can share ideas or just use it as a to-do list accessible to other members of the team.


Learn any language the easiest way using this app. Try this app. It makes learning fun too.

31Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Learn to cook with the biggest recipe book online. With this app, you will be a chef in just months.

30Google Maps

The only map that you will ever need on your Android smartphone. The rest will be just support.

29Family Locator

Know the location of every member of your family especially the kids. With this app, you will never have to worry about them anymore.

28Music Maker Jam

If you need to create a unique intro for your presentation or just want to create a tune for your pleasure, this app is worth checking.

27Nova Launcher

The king of all launchers when it comes to customization and memory management. It’s also good for the battery.


The keyboard that brings gestures to its best. Plus, it sports great customization that works for everybody.

25Dodol Keyboard

A light keyboard with the basic features. It supports T9 keyboard. It also uses low memory and battery.

24Google Drive

Your free cloud storage from Google. Upload important documents and file using this app from any compatible device. Then access them anywhere through cloud storage.

23ASUS File Manager

If you are not fond of the overwhelming features of ES File Explorer, this file explorer from ASUS is worth the shift. It has the basic cut, copy, and paste features plus the very useful network access with just a tap of a finger. The best part; it has no ads.

22Files Go

A file manager from Google that helps declutter files and keep your system optimized.


An app that functions as an organizer and a planner for both professional and personal purpose.

20Google Keep

Take note of your to-do list, new ideas, and anything else that you need to write down. And access all of it anywhere using all your Google synced devices.

19Titanium Recorder

An audio recorder that does more than your native voice recorder. Choose to multiple file output formats and frequencies. It can even function even while in the background.


A GPS navigation software that not just tells you the map and your location but also updates you of the traffic at your destination.


An app for those times that you do not want to be traced or located using your phone.

16Google Chrome

The Google Chrome is an all-around and all-knowing browser. If you need the best web browser, this is no doubt that one that works best for anything that you need to do online.

15Firefox Focus

A browser that can put you on always incognito mode. No history and does not save junk files or cache.


The Android app that allows you to cut, join, and covert audio and video files. This is highly recommended because of its simplicity despite its features.


An app from Google that helps you save data, monitor it, and optimize the internet connection.

12Office Lens

The Android app that can help you take pictures of documents and lets you trim and enhance the image for future reference.


Google Photo editing app that is best for professionals. It gives you the best features and filters that you will ever need.


The next best photo editing app that suits both professionals and beginners.


If you do not want too many apps running in the background, the Greenify helps you close those apps that keep running in the background. This will save you battery juice and hand you extra RAM for speedier smartphone performance.

8Background Video Recorder

An app to help you record videos secretly. You can minimize the app and still let it record everything in the background.

7Find My Device

Locate your device by making it ring using this app. You may also remote lock, erase, and show a message on the phone’s screen when it is lost.


Save all your passwords in one app and never find the need to memorize any of it again. This app is also available on Windows and Apple platforms.

5PC Remote

Control your Windows PC using your Android phone. You may use your Android device as a wireless mouse and keyboard.


The Shareit app is the most popular file sharing app.


The Xender app is the second most popular but is much reliable when transferring between Windows and Android phone.

2Google Photos

Sync all your photos and videos from your phone to Google cloud and vice versa for free.


The only video editor and moviemaker that you will ever need on your smartphone. It has so many features and filters that you will have everything you need right on the palm of your hand.

In Conclusion

All of these apps are great for their own intended purposes. There may be similar apps that you know that can do the same as these apps do, but still, these apps have been tested by many users already. They bear the 4-stars and higher rating for a reason.

For those of you that think that some apps should be included here, feel free to mention those in the comment section. Then tell us why it should be in this list. We would love to know more of your ideas and suggestions.

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