How to remove audio from video using canva

You’re in luck if you’ve ever captured a video and wished you could remove audio from video. With Canvas free audio removal, you may quickly and easily remove undesired music files, sound effects, or narrations. 

You may quickly and simply silence a section or an entire movie on any device without using expensive software or sophisticated video editing techniques, whether dealing with bad sound quality, pointless conversation, or annoying sounds. You may fully quiet your film or alter the volume level on Canva, keep the video’s quality, and download it for free without any watermarks.

Easily remove audio from video

The free audio remover from Canva simplifies removing extraneous music files, sound effects, or narrations from any video. On any device, you may quickly remove audio from video if there is distracting noise, poor sound quality, or unnecessary conversation. 

The procedure is simple, and you may quiet your film entirely or change the sound levels without adversely affecting the video’s quality. You can download your muted clip for free without any watermarks from Canvas desktop and mobile applications for Android and iPhone.

Manage the overall audio

By changing your video’s general audio settings, Canva gives you complete control over the audio. It’s simple to handle everything on one platform, whether you want to reduce the background noise in your video or add a subtle fade-in or fade-out effect to your audio track. 

Click on the speaker icon and slide the slider to the desired volume level to change the volume. Select your recording, choose Music Effects, and then use the slider or text box to make the required adjustments to add a fade-in or fade-out effect to your music. With Canva, you can quickly and conveniently remove audio from video or background music from a video.

Utilise sound effects to set the tone

After deleting the audio, apply the appropriate sound effects to give your film a theatrical feel. Check out the variety of pre-licensed music Canva has available, or upload your track. Drag the ideal soundtrack over your clip or the entire film to build the mood. Once finished, save your work to your computer and share it via the Canva app or website.

How to take the audio out of a video

First, begin a design project.

Go to the Canva website and look for a video template to remove the audio from your video. To start, you may select a format, a subject, or a platform like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram Reels.

Edit your video in Step 2

Add your video clips to Canva next. You may also incorporate movies and pictures without a watermark from our collection. Make your video stand out by using Canvas tools to add effects and other components.

Mute or change volume in Step 3

Select your track and click the speaker icon in the menu bar’s top right corner to remove the audio from your movie. To rapidly eliminate voice and audio from your movie, click the mute symbol or slide the volume slider to the left.

Add a Soundtrack in Step 4 if necessary

You may upload your music or search Canvas audio library for expert audio tracks to create a new one.

Share and Publish in Step 5

Finally, download your movie as a high-resolution, watermark-free mp4 file and store it for further editing. You can post your video directly from Canva’s dashboard on social media or your website.

How can I take the audio out of an iPhone video?

You must first download our iOS software from the software Store to remove audio from a video on your iPhone. Open the program after downloading it to get to the video editing interface. After that, select the Volume icon from the menu bar. 

Drag the toggle slider to change the volume. Click the mute symbol to turn off your video quickly. Tap anywhere on the layout to see the menu bar after you are happy with the audio volume. Save your quiet clip, then.

How do I add text and turn off the audio in an internet video?

With the help of our online audio remover, you can effortlessly add text to your online video while removing the audio. To quiet your movie, use the toggle slider or the mute symbol. You may add text overlays and subtitles by picking Text from the sidebar and then clicking Add a text box after removing the audio. 

Next, input your text and choose your preferred font and color before customizing its placement on the layout by dragging and dropping it there. When finished, you may save your modifications or immediately share your movie on social media or via email.


Without the need for complicated software or editing expertise, Canva’s free audio removal tool makes it simple to eliminate unwanted sounds from any video. Canva gives you complete control over your video’s audio with features like the option to silence a section or the entire thing, change sound levels, and add new soundtracks. Additionally, it is accessible to everyone as it is available on desktop and mobile devices. It only takes a few clicks using Canva.

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