How to become IAS officer after 12th

In India, passing the UPSC Civil Services Examination is a requirement to become an ias officer. The Civil Services Exam or IAS test is another name for the UPSC examination. This yearly test is held by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to choose qualified candidates for various jobs, such as IAS officials, IPS officers, and IFS officers.

What is IAS Officer?

Indian aspirants under 30 frequently express interest in becoming IAS officials. This profession commands a lot of respect and is one of the most prominent in the country. IAS officers are responsible for various responsibilities, including maintaining law and order and assisting the public in need. 

To qualify for a position as an IAS officer, one must complete the Main, Preliminary, and Interview rounds of the Union Public Service Commission. Afterward, the selected applicants receive instruction at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. Anyone with academic qualifications in science, business, the arts, or the humanities can become an IAS officer.

IAS Officer Role

An IAS officer’s responsibility is to support the creation and execution of policies by the federal and state governments. They guarantee the efficient execution of procedures and provide helpful insights into all decision-making processes. 

The officer’s essential duties include:

  • Giving ministers advice on important matters, 
  • Upholding law and order, 
  • Carrying out critical choices and policies, 
  • Managing money, 
  • Making important decisions and establishing policies on those judgments
  • Ensuring that policies are implemented correctly. 
  • The officer is also in charge of controlling costs as necessary and increasing revenue through sales.

Eligibility Criteria for IAS Officer

The following list of factors is a partial list of the requirements to become an ias:

Age Requirement: Candidates must be at least 21 to sit for the UPSC CSE test. One must be at least 32 years old to be eligible to serve as an IAS officer. Applicants from the OBC category must be at least 35 years old, while SC/ST applicants must be at least 37 years old.

Educational Requirements: To be qualified for the UPSC CSE test and become IAS officers, candidates must obtain a graduate degree from an authorized university. Candidates who have finished correspondence courses or are working professionals and those in their last year of high school are also eligible to register for this exam. 

You can take the test even if you’re a medical student who has graduated and is pursuing an internship. Candidates with CA, ICWA, or ICSI certificates may also apply.

Test Retakes: applicants from the General Category may retake the test up to six times, while applicants from the OBC category may do so up to nine times. For SC/ST applicants, the maximum age is 37.

Know about how to become ias officer after the 12th?

People in this job must have excellent communication skills since they constantly interact with other professionals inside and outside their sector. Here are some critical points to remember if you want to become an ias officer:

Step 1: You must graduate from an accredited university after finishing your 12th-grade study. There are several different degree possibilities available to you. It is important to note that people who completed their undergraduate degrees via correspondence or distance learning are also qualified to sit the IAS entrance test.

Step 2: Your first and second academic years should be committed to a GS Integrated program to prepare for the General Studies (GS) multiple disciplines sections of the UPSC Prelims and Mains examination. Since the optional topic involves two Mains papers and significantly affects a candidate’s total merit rating, this choice is essential and critical.

Step 3: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) holds many tests each year to choose applicants for posts in the Defence (NDA/NA, Combined Defence Services (CDS)) and Civil Services (IAS, IPS, IFS, Medical-Engineering Services, Geologist, and other tests for Government installations).

Guide to become an ias officer

An Instructional Manual for Becoming an IAS Officer:

To be an IAS officer, succeeding in the Union Public Service Commission’s Civil Services Examination is mandatory. The competition is fierce, with over 8 lakh candidates each year, and only a few thousand are chosen for the coveted position. 

To find out how to be an IAS officer, follow these steps:

Step 1: The first step is to enroll in the Clear IAS Online Classroom Programme.

Step 2: Compose thorough notes based on the lectures and readings that Clear IAS Classes provide.

Step 3: Conduct an independent study utilizing Standard Textbooks, NCERT Textbooks, and Clear IAS Notes.

Step 4: To determine your degree of preparation, take online Clear IAS Prelims Mock Exams.

Step 5: Practice answering questions by taking the Clear IAS Mains Mock Exams.

Step 6: Pick an elective subject and thoroughly research it.

Step 7: Be ready for the last round of the hiring process.

What Qualifications Must You Have to Be an IAS Officer?

Several talents are necessary to be an IAS official, including:

Analytical Thinking: As an IAS official, you will deal directly with the public’s welfare. You must be able to weigh your options carefully and analyze difficult circumstances.

Leadership: To steer a whole region of a state for the advantage of the populace, exceptional leadership qualities are essential. You must change your personality for your behaviors to demonstrate leadership attributes.

Critical Thinking: An IAS officer must be able to make wise decisions. To make the optimal decision, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.

Communication Skills: A primary duty of an IAS official is to create and carry out public policies. To guarantee that policies are understood and applied, effective communication is crucial.

Relentless work: To be an IAS officer, constant work and constant development are necessary. To succeed in the UPSC-CSE test, you must maintain your resolve in the face of obstacles and failures.

Patience: Studying for the UPSC-CSE test requires time, dedication, and patience. You must acquire the requisite abilities and information to realize your dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Time management: Your timetable as an IAS official would be challenging. You must have excellent time management abilities to manage your daily schedule and complete your obligations correctly.


Passing the UPSC Civil Services Examination is a prerequisite for becoming an IAS officer in India, a prestigious and challenging professional route. Each year, only a small number of individuals are picked for the prestigious post due to the intense competition. Candidates must fulfill the necessary age and educational standards and pass the UPSC examination’s Main, Preliminary, and Interview rounds to be an IAS officer.

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