With more than 300 million happy users Es file explorer is the most popular Android file manager software on Google Play Store. Unlike most of the file managers for android, it offers many other unique features with basic file managing operations. In case you are new with this incredibly useful file manager, here in the guide about how to use ES file manager.

ES File Explorer Basic Guide

But, as this guide is for new users I will not cover any of these features. Here in this guide, I have written about all the basic and some semi-unique features of ES File Explorer which will guide you through the process of how to use it.

I’m presuming that you already have ES File Explorer installed on your phone. If you don’t already have it then you can download it form this official download link. This guide is divided into some steps and sections so that it can be easy for you exactly find what you are looking for. So let’s just into the guide.

Using Es File Explorer for Doing Basic File Operations (like Copy, Move, rename and delete files)

Doing basic file operations like browsing your phones memory card and moving, copying and other basic jobs are the most important and normal things that you will be likely to do most of the time when using a phone.

Doing basic file operations is pretty easy, you can open ES File manager. First time when you will open it you will see something like this.

ES File Explorer Home Screen

You will on the cd card panel of your smartphone, you can easily change the location just click on the cd card drop down and select the location of the file which you want. It’s easy as a piece of cake you can click on any folder to open it. You can open any media file by doing the same.

Now if you want to copy, move or delete any file or folder just long press on that file or folder, so a second or so you will see option will appear at the bottom of the window. You can select any number of folders or files to copy, move or delete at the same time.
Now below is some more basic operations procedure which you can check.

How to search for files from ES File Explorer

Now we don’t exactly remember all the time what is inside our SD card. That’s why when you need something you search for it. And searching for files using ES File Explorer is very easy. So you will a Search icon at the bottom, just click on that and enter the name or some info about the file you are looking for (you can also specify the location where you think the file can exist) and hit search.

search for files using es file explorer

Changing the Icon size of files and folders on es file explorer

Changing the icon size of files and folders in ES File Explorer is pretty easy, just click on the view button (you can find at the bottom of the screen) and select any of the available icon sizes. In case you are not comfortable with the small icon size you can choose a big one.

Change File and Folder

My Conclusion

It can be hard for any newbie to use ES file manager. So, here is this guide, after reading this guide you will use es file explorer like a pro.

I have spent enough time to understand how it works and after using it for a long time I’m writing a guide so that you can understand how to use it. It’s needless to say that – “If you need any help- then comment below I will love to guide you through the entire process”

In future, I will write another blog post on the other less file manager like unique features that ES file explorer has, till then keep visiting our blog and please subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest stuff directly in your inbox once every week. Hope you find this helpful and I am able to guide you how to use ES File Explorer.

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Thanks for Reading! This article has been written by our editorial staff. Editorial Staff at Tech Brighter is a team of Tech experts led by Noah Peterson.


  1. I cannot see any images or videos on es file manager….whenever I click on any image it shows no applications available…plzz reply how to fix it as soon as possible….thanks

    • You can go to Settings>Manege Applications>Es File Explorer and clear the data .. now ex file explorer will work OK .just like the time you installed it.
      Hope it may help you.. if not then fell free to comment again.

  2. my samsang galaxy note 2 not showing internal memry pics in galery

    by usin ex fle explorer we cn recovery

    hw to recover?

    any 1 knws?

  3. Sir sagar bhaskar,
    Can u please help me to retrive whatsapp media folder but i unfortunately don’t have backup neither in drive nor in file explorer.
    Is there way to retrieve media folder. From recyle bin when i am ” ex file explorer” user.
    Thank you.

    • Akansha,
      You can try using android file recovery software. If you have access to a PC , then you can try something like Dr.Fone (I heard from one guy about it) it will help you to recover your whatsapp media folder. There are some Android apps as well which can recover the folder.

      And my name is “Sagar Basak”. Anyhow, let me know if it works for you.

  4. My Anita,

    I have loaded ES explorer but how to use and how to transfer any apps to other android phone. I tried many time but not happening and all apps in that es folder showing empty

    • Well if you want to transfer apps from one phone to another then using Xender will be better for you. Just Download Xender and use it for this.

  5. i am trying to use this n my daughters elipses tablet to transfer her games onto her sd card because she is running out of space on the itself and when i look at the sd card storage it shows nothing on it. my es doesnt look anything like the photos or any of the videos i have watched on it. So i was wondering if you knew how to help me transfer her apps that are her games over to the sd card? thanks so much!!

  6. These instructions very good for the android I phone, I have an Android Tablet and the above instructions are not compatible,

    Could you direct me to a site where I can get manual detailed instructions for the android tablet using es file explorer,


  7. I was told that I can access my excel files on my pc using es file explorer. Do you know of a site that will show me how to do it step by step?

  8. I want to copy a movie from phone memory to card memory,what shall I do. it shows “select the root directory”.

  9. What’s happened to the “select all” feature in the ES File Explorer app. It use to be at top of screen. I assume it was removed in an upgrade. I used it to delete pictures from SD card while it was connected to my android phone with a card reader.Also I now have ES file explorer pro. Can I copy files from old app to Pro app and then delete free ES file explorer app?

  10. I am using whatsapp on a laptop with windows 10 OS using bluestack software. Few days earlier, i transferred some files using ES File explorer from whatsapp folder to pictures of the windows folder in the sd card. But after trnasferring, i couldn’t find them in the pictures folder neither in the whatsapp images folder.
    to confirm it again, i sent one casual pic from whatsapp images folder to the windows folder but again it can’t open it.. I even can’t see my laptop library pics in the windows folder in the sd card section of ES File explorer from the last few days which i used to see earlier.. can u pleas help in retrieving those pics back?

  11. Comment: Please I downloaded ES explorer so that I can create folders in my photo gallery and rearrange them the way I like. But I can’t seem to see where to create folders on the app. Can you help me Pls?

  12. Hi.. when I delete photos from gallery it’s then appearing in es file manager. but I didn’t installed it before deleting why that’s happend can you tell me ?

  13. I renamed one of my folder which had few photos and which was placed originally under a overall common folder. For eg: Folder name Delhi, inside delhi i had a folder called bombay and i renamed to mumbai but now nothing is inside that renamed Bomaby folder. Please advise me to recover lost photes

  14. (How) Can I set my wlan certain folder as a default when I open the ES explorer? Have not find the way this far.

  15. Sir can you please help me
    I connect my phone to otg cable and then pendrive but I could not transfer some documents to pendrive please explain me in detail my phone does not show any attachments please help me

  16. I like to download some MP3 (music) files from a website to my Android TV Box. The files on the website are serial numbered like sitename.com/files/001.mp3, sitename.com/files/002.mp3, sitename.com/files/003.mp3, etc.

    How do I copy the required MP3 files from the website to my Android TV Box in a single step without many ‘mouse clicks’?

  17. Hello, Sagar…nice to read your blog about the particular topic. Can you guide me how to upload all the media files to google drive from es explorer?

  18. Sagar: You state “this guide” and I kept looking for more complete instructions. Your wording at times can be confusing to the English speaker as it needs corrections to more accurately reflect your instructions. Thank you.

  19. Sagar: I read this guide again and if you don’t want a complete revision to correct your English grammar I suggest you at least you correct the statement “cdcard” as I think you mean sd card.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Actually, this guide was written long ago, I will try to improve my writing more.

      Thanks 🙂

  20. I have installed esfile manager on a Sony Smart TV. I could originally view Jpeg files from a flash drive, but inadvertently I must have changed some setting in error on esfile manager such that I now can’t read the files. Can you give me any suggestions as to the settings I should use.

    Appreciate any help you can give!!


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