How to find the Smuggling Tunnel in Call of Duty DMZ

Hello there, gamers! Get ready to spend all your time in the novel and exciting world of DMZ, where you will participate in challenging missions, thrilling action, and unending adventures. With the introduction of Season 2, DMZ has received a considerable overhaul that enhances the already intense activity by introducing new goals for all sides at all levels and in contemporary settings.

In this updated version, players must find numerous garbage cans, including the Waterways dead drop, and finish freshly added locations, like the dmz smuggling tunnels location. The Smuggling Tunnels are worth exploring since they provide several enjoyable tasks and significant reward drops.

The tier-one objectives for the White Lotus faction will be available to you when you first enter the DMZ. However, access to White Lotus for tier 2 missions and Legion for tier 1 assignments is only available after completing the Stronghold Reacquisition operation.

If you’re up for a challenge, one of the Tier 2 White Lotus tasks that require tactical cameras watching in the Smuggling Tunnel. Consequently, specify it as a Field Upgrade in the loadout section.

Let’s begin straight now. In this lesson, we’ll teach you where to discover the Smuggling Tunnels for the White Lotus tier two assignment in DMZ to prepare you for furious action and rewards.

Concerning the Warzone Call of Duty DMZ’s smuggling tunnels

Are you ready to embark on one of the most challenging tasks in Warzone Call of Duty dmz smuggling tunnels location in al mazrah map? The game’s White Lotus faction has the Smuggling Tunnels, which is not for the faint of heart.

As part of their tier 2 tasks, players must find the Old Tunnel Complex in al mazrah city, which is notorious for harboring and transporting illegal stuff. To complete the project, you must use tactical cameras watching to gather data on the covert location.

Why, though, go through all of this trouble? Worth the effort are the rewards. The Smuggling Tunnels offer players an exciting and challenging task and the possibility to earn some magnificent prize drops.

While exploring dmz smuggling tunnels location, If you have the right strategy and resources, you could succeed in benefits.

So gather your team, collect your tactical cameras, and prepare for an action-packed tour through the Call of Duty: DMZ’s Smuggling Tunnels of Warzone.

The dmz smuggling tunnels location in Call of Duty

Do you need help locating the smuggling tunnels in Call of Duty DMZ? Do not be concerned; we have the guidance to complete this challenging task effectively.

To start the dmz smuggling tunnels location quest, you must first visit the Al Mazrah map to create the Smuggling Tunnels quest. When you get there, head to Stronghold, between north of Zarqwa Hydroelectric and Al Mazrah City. Multiple AI combatants with body armor are in this area, so be careful. Due to their arsenal of weapons and accessories, these bots are formidable foes. Because some are armed with riot shields, overcoming them is much more difficult.

Be careful to arrive equipped with the appropriate tools and weapons as you travel to the Stronghold. It’s crucial to eliminate the AI warriors, using cover and stealth tactically. Rushing in will only result in definite death.


After eliminating the AI warriors, you must utilize your tactical cameras to find the Old Tunnel Complex tucked away inside the Stronghold. To complete the Smuggling Tunnels objective, you must acquire information on every crevice of the mysterious location inside this complex.

After reading these recommendations, you can take the Call of Duty: DMZ assignment Smuggling Tunnels. So arm yourself, prepare for battle, and prove to those AI opponents who are boss.

How to enter the Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ

Are you prepared for the DMZ expedition to find the Smuggling Tunnels? The following instructions will show you how to access the tunnels and finish the quest.

  • The Smuggling Tunnels in Al Mazrah have several entrances, you must find the right entrance to the smuggling tunnel. Pick the one that best supports your plan of attack. Following are your choices:
  • Enter through the well: The illustration up top depicts this entry.
  • There are no adversaries inside the modest home, but a ladder inside the chamber allows you to reach the tunnels. You may enter straight from the Smuggling Tunnels Stronghold.
  • If you’re on the Smuggling Tunnel task, you should enter through the south side door since you need to set up a tactical camera there. Most opposing soldiers are also on the tunnel’s southern side, so you may take care of them immediately.

No matter which entrances you use, arrive equipped with the appropriate tools and weapons. Proceed cautiously while entering the Stronghold straight because multiple AI soldiers are waiting downstairs. Utilizing smoke grenades before descending is a wise tactic. Similarly, you may harm the opponents with several frag bombs before taking them out.

Using deadly tools to your advantage is essential within the tunnels. Throwing grenades in the tunnel initially will result in several eliminations because it is a confined area. Because they will charge your colleagues outside the tunnel, concentrate on eliminating the riot shield bots first. If you’re lucky, one of the bots will drop a UAV you may use to activate and see where all enemies are in the immediate vicinity.

After considering these suggestions, you are prepared to take on the Smuggling Tunnels assignment in DMZ.

How to set up tactical cameras to monitor the entrances to two of the Call of Duty DMZ’s smuggling tunnels

Putting tactical cameras at the DMZ’s smuggling tunnel entrances.

Placing tactical cameras at two tunnel openings is necessary to complete the Smuggling Tunnels quest in Call of Duty DMZ. Here is how to go about it:

Initially, proceed to the well, the initial entry to the north of the fortress. Place the tactical camera in front of the Stronghold entrance in the tunnels after using the zipline to descend the well. The initial camera location will be this one.

Next, head to Stronghold’s south gate to find the second tactical camera location. Due to increased security on the southern side, use caution. Immediately after opening the cave door, hurl the tactical camera to the ground to evade notice.

Finally, you must withdraw during the same deployment to achieve this mission’s final goal. You may ask a teammate to choose one as their Field Upgrade or search the map for another tactical camera. Completing this operation in two teams is advised since two tactical cameras must be set. Place both cameras, then leave the location and move towards extraction. Successfully evacuated to fast finish the White Lotus operation in the DMZ.

Before attempting to position the tactical cameras, removing any AI combatants in the vicinity is crucial. Prioritize the riot shield bots to avoid any charges from them and use lethal weapons to eliminate the hostile units. You may successfully finish the quest by following these suggestions.


A thrilling and challenging task in Call of Duty: DMZ’s Smuggling Tunnels allows players to acquire beautiful reward drops. Not for the weak of heart, the Old Tunnel Complex is infamous for housing and moving illegal goods. Players may successfully finish and benefit from the quest through careful preparation and appropriate tactics. Players may access the Stronghold and locate the Smuggling Tunnels to embark on this exhilarating journey by following the steps provided in this tutorial. Collect your crew, tactical cameras, and weapons to show those AI opponents who are boss.