DuckDuckGo Tips and Tricks: DuckDuckGo is a pretty decent search engine. Most of the people may don’t even know about this Google Alternative. Though there are many other search engines in this world, only a few were able to create the buzz and get the attention of people.

DuckDuckGo Tips and Tricks

Hundreds if not thousands of search engines are available online. But, among all of them, only a handpicked once like Bing; DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, etc. are decent enough to use. Bing is probably the biggest Google alternative.

Where Bing(You may know about this) spends an enormous amount of money every year to get more user base; DuckDuckGo is focused on Users privacy as their selling point. Their Slogan is “The search engine that doesn’t track you”.

DuckDuckGo has many useful features which most of the regular users don’t know about. Here in this post, we have listed the top 10 best DuckDuckGo tips and tricks. By reading this, you will also found the best features of this search engine, So, Go ahead and check these below.

1. Get search results according to your region

Regional Search Result

DuckDuckGo lets you get the search results of a specific country you are browsing from. For example, if you are browsing in Canada, select it as your region and you will get the search results prioritized with Canada first. To select your country, click on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your web page, then select Advanced Settings, and then choose your country from the given options.

2. Find out the recent comics’ details

You can find out all about the most recent comics there are by just typing ‘xkcd‘ in the search box. You can even track the previous comics on DuckDuckGo without leaving its page.

3. Get whatever answers you want instantly

DuckDuckGo has instant answers for some of the specific questions. You can ask it to give you a list of rhyming words, calculate some mathematical equations, get full tips and tricks about your computers operating system, get information about the flights and much more.

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4. Search for a particular website with !Bangs command

If you want to search a specific site like Wikipedia, IMDb, etc., you can do that directly from DuckDuckGo rather than searching it on the internet first using the “!Bangs” command. You just have to add an exclamation mark before the name of the website.

For example, if you are searching for Wikipedia, search it as !Wikipedia and you’ll directly get all the results on the site. In som cases you will directly land on the most relevant page about that query, it’s just like the I’m feeling awesome of Google. DuckDuckGo will also show you other popular options when “!” is added to the website.

5. Get an explanation on all the emoticons

DuckDuckGo will explain everything about your favorite emoticons straight away. Just enter the emoji in the search box and let DDG do the rest.

6. Exclude a specific word from search results

If you wish to delete certain words or terms while searching, DuckDuckGo will help you do so. Just use a dash ‘-‘ before the word you want to remove. Like if you want to search for science but not the chemistry part, just search for “Science” –Chemistry. This way you will get all the results on science but chemistry. Just keep in mind to always keep the word you want to exclude at the end of the search.

7. Search for a particular format

Search File Format

DuckDuckGo helps you search for any particular format like APK, pdf, etc. This trick comes in really handy as there are many times when we have to search for a particular file but most of our time goes into finding that desirable file in the search results alone.

So, if you want all your search results in pdf format, just add “f:pdf” to the search. For example, if you search for “Vacancies f:pdf” , you will find all the PDF documents related to vacancies on RBI’s website.

8. Find out the mirror image of a text

You can find out the mirror image of your text by just adding ‘mirror’ to your search. You can write mirror either at the beginning or at the end.

9. Search for news

You can search the recent news stories by just typing “news” at the end of your search keywords. For example, if you want to know about recent updates and news on Hollywood, just add news to your search, and you’ll see all the news related to Hollywood.

10. Go directly to the first search result

The first search result is mostly the best one and the most visited result of all. So with DuckDuckGo, just use “” at the end of the searching keywords and go directly to the first search result.

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