Are you looking to Download Opera Web Browser for your PC Windows 7/8/8.1? if yes then my friend you have come to the right place. Here I have shared the latest version of Opera Browser download link. Feel Free to Download and Read this full article. (You can find the download the download link below)

Download Opera Browser for Windows

   Download Opera Browser (~47.6MB)

Opera is one of the first few internet browsers which become popular and started the legacy of modern internet browsers (Like Google Chrome). A few years back Opera lost a lot of its market share. But with the recent updates and improvements with every modern new version, it’s becoming more and more popular.

Why Download Opera Browser for Your Computer

Opera got famous for revolutionizing mobile internet browsing. The key feature for its success was that it compresses the website page, and show you the minimalist view, without leaving out anything.

Due to this, data usage was reduced, and hence, it became a cult browser. The browser today also works on the same procedure. But now has better user interface and tools. Opera has done a lot in making this browser an excellent tool for internet surfing, by continuous development and modifications. Let’s look at some of its key features.


It is the reason why we see Opera as a good browser now. That is because when it came, the speed of this browser was so good, that no other browser was even close. This lead to the rise of a good company and rest is history.

If you’re connected through a busy WiFi or your carrier internet connection is slow, you can simply switch on the Opera Turbo. It boosts page loading speed, and you can enjoy videos, images, and websites at great speed.

Opera’s speed dial lets you go to your favorite site with just a click. The websites are organized by categories, so you can simply pick one.
Every browser has shortcuts. But Opera lets you choose your shortcuts for certain things. This means you’re in full control and saving time for unnecessary clicks.


Opera is known for extensions, with over 1000, you can turn your opera into the internet surfing mega-machine. With so many graphics enriched themes, opera can be customized according to your taste.

The interface is simple, with combined search and address bar, giving you an opportunity to enter URL or direct keywords, on your selected search engine, let it be Google, Yahoo or a custom one.

You can customize keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks. You can go back to your closed tabs, very easily. With visualized bookmarks, your saved web pages will be easy to access and look into, which is not present in any other browser.

With synchronization, you can always keep your other device in touch with your history, load pages, search entries, and bookmarks. It makes easy if you’re a busy person, and wants your computer and mobile synched when surfing the internet.


Nobody can get your personal information while you’re browsing on Opera. You can rely blindly on while surfing the internet while Opera takes care of Malware, Phishing, viruses, and other security breaches. The address bar will give you details about the site you’re visiting, by click on the left of the address bar, or simply on the site name.

Private browsing is private more than ever, so need not worry about history, cookies, and cache. Opera will warn you if you open any suspicious website and even block some elements and scripts to give you a secured view of that site. You can anytime find extensions to enhance security.

Overall, opera is more than just your usual browser, if you want your internet surfing to be adventurous, enhanced, fast, and customized, and then opera is your call. Install the latest version, and then you will find out, what I am talking about.

Hope you find this blog post helpful and you were able to download the latest version of Opera browser from here. If you face any problem in downloading the file, then let me the know via comments.

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