Hotstar is an Indian online video on demand service. You can watch your favorite TV Serials (mainly Star TV shows) along with movies and sports on Hotstar platform. After the official launch in Jan of 2015, today It offers over 50,000 hours of TV content and movies across eight languages.

Download Videos from Hotstar App

Because of the cricket loving people of India, Hotstar has become pretty popular these days. Now you can also watch popular American TV shows like Game of Thrones on this platform.

Though Hotstar doesn’t consume the lowest data while streaming videos online, it still provides a good experience for the user. When we talk about downloading Hotstar videos, the scenario becomes something like this.

You can download Hotstar videos. But there’re a few twists in it, and they are the following.

  1. The First thing is you can’t download every video from Hotstar.
  2. To Check Whether you can download a video or not, you have to try to download it. Some videos will show the message “Sorry you can’t download this video,” and you can’t download that one.
  3. When you download a video from Hotstar, it won’t be saved in your phone’s gallery. It works like YouTube Offline, and You can only watch the downloaded video from Hotstar app itself.
  4. You have to create an Hotstar account to download videos from Hotstar.
  5. There are some illegal methods to download Hotstar videos as well(like screen recording and using shady not so popular tools), and I highly recommend avoiding those.

How to Download Videos from Hotstar App (Steps)

For the first few months, Hotstar didn’t have any option to download videos on their site or app. But now they have integrated this feature into the app. After you download and install the latest version of Hotstar app on your phone, you will see a download button below every video (See the Screenshot Below).

download-hotstar-videos-step-1 download-hotstar-videos-step-2

Just Click on the download button and select the video format you want to download. It will also show you the size of the video on that format. Just Click on that format you want to download, and the video will start downloading in a few seconds.

Note: As i have already told before – you can’t download all the videos from hotstar. So far I was able to download a few TV Shows and movies from hotstar.

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    • Hey Rajkaran,

      You can uninstall Hotstar. Then download the latest version and install it, sign in with your account and try. You should be able to download hotstar videos now.


    • Hey Anirudh,

      Actually, this page has been updated. Previously this page contained “3 ways to download hotstar videos”.

      See there are a few methods for downloading hotstar videos, by following them you can download any video from hotstar without any restrictions. These methods were like using a third party app (I can’t recall the name), using the command prompt to fetch the video from server and others. However, those were unethical to follow. Moreover, i got an email from hotstar; Thus, i had to remove those methods.

      Right now this is the only ethical method for downloading hotstar videos.

      Hope you understand 🙂



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