Different Gadgets Used By Marvel Superheroes/Villains

MCU has presented some iconic characters like Iron Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Loki, Thanos, Star-Lord, etc. Many of these characters use different gadgets, magic, enhancements, and alien tech to combat enemies and save or destroy the world. You can have a look at the following gadgets and the way they were used by different superheroes/supervillains in Marvel movies.

B.A.R.F. Technology

The technology was created by Quentin Beck for Stark Industries which can be seen in Captain America: Civil War when Tony was presenting it at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Using the technology, he revisited his memory of Howard and Maria Stark when they were alive. Later on, he explained the technology to the students present in the presentation, remembering his parents and seeing them alive for the last time.

Stark explained to the students lately that he felt guilty for not showing respect to their parents before they died. The same technology was later weaponized by Quentin Beck who feigned several Elemental attacks across the globe. His plan of creating illusions and taking over Stark’s technologies was later on revealed when Peter Parker handed over E.D.I.T.H. to him.

Basically, B.A.R.F. relied on a complex holographic system that connects with the hippocampus of the users and allows them to find a traumatic memory and project it on an external infrastructure. The same technology was weaponized by Beck when he combined it with E.D.I.T.H. and gained access to resources from Stark Industries.

The Panther Habit

The Panther Habit was the upgraded version of the original Habit worn by T’Chaka when he visited N’Jubo in Oakland. When T’Challa became king, Shuri enhanced the suit making it bulletproof and able to harness powerful energy fields from external sources. The energy can be distributed for enhanced offensive capabilities to the Black Panther. 

Another version of the suit is created by Wakandan Vibranium nanobots that let the suit materialize by using a ceremonial necklace worn by the Black Panther. You can see this version of the suit worn by T’Challa. Other enhancements offered by the suit include energy redistribution, kinetic energy pulse generation, Vibranium claws, footsteps nullification, built-in ear microphones, different capabilities that provide Black Panther with easy maneuvering in battle, and so on.

Iron Man Nanotech Suit

The Mark L or Mark 50 is the latest Iron Man suit, which he used during his fight in New York. The battle included Tony, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Wong, and Bruce Banner against Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian. Tony tightens his jacket and activates the arc reactor on his chest that causes millions of nanoparticles to create his armor in a few seconds. The suit uses arm displacer cannons and displacer sentries that can drag the target miles away.

The suit also enabled Tony to travel in outer space by putting his legs together and forming one big Foot Thruster to reach a ship at a greater speed. Apart from this, Mark L has some enhanced weapons and other enhancements like Micro-missiles, Energy Blades, Zero Cannon, Foot thrusters, Medical Suture Spray, etc. Watch Tony Stark in action using the Mark L suit in Avengers: Infinity Wars and Avengers: Endgame on your TV or YouTube using Spectrum packages.

The Goblin Glider

The Green Goblin’s Glider is one of the most deadly weapons used by MCU supervillains. This is one of the reasons that Green Goblin has been one of the deadliest enemies faced by Spider-Man. The incident when Norman Osborne remotely operated the Glider to kill Spidey, but killed himself when Spider-Man dodged the Glider using his Spider-Sense.

Apart from that, the Glider is also called the Goblin Broomstick and is a remarkable means of transportation that can make Green Goblin perform surprise attacks and full-scale assaults.

The Glider can travel to long distances and unimaginable heights as it was designed for the military by Oscorp. However, it was stolen by Norman Osborne later on. It also stores the Green Goblin’s weapons like Razor bats, Pumpkin Bomb, and Ghost Bombs. It also has blades in the front. Apart from that, the glider can hold almost any weight.


The MCU is full of amazing superheroes and supervillains who have had a fan following for decades. Their appearance, the tech they use, and their portrayal by different superstars, add more entertainment for the fans. You can watch all these characters in action in different movie clips available on YouTube and other streaming services using different internet deals provided by some reliable ISPs in your area.