Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world. You can buy pretty much everything from Amazon online store and other country-specific Amazon websites (like in India – Now it’s obvious that for buying something from Amazon you need to have an account there. But for complete newbies, it can be confusing to figure it out how to create an Amazon account.

Create an Amazon Account

Don’t worry, here is the step by step guide where I have shown you the exact procedure (with screenshots) that you need to follow in order to create an Amazon account. After creating an account you should download Amazon app right away. If you already don’t have an Amazon account, then right now is the best time to create one. So why wait? Let’s jump into the guide below and learn how to create an Amazon account.


Creating an Amazon Account Step by Step

Step 1: First of all, go to (here I am saying but in case you want to shop from any country-specific websites like you need to go to that website.)

Step 2: Now in the top right site, you will see a button Called “Sign In”, just hover your mouse over that button and you will see a drop down, click on “Start Here” link from that drop down.step 2 create an amazon account

Step 3: Now you will see a new web page appear with a simple form, just file the form (enter your name, email, and password). After you enter all the stuff click on “Create Account” Button.step 3 create an amazon account

Step 4: Now you will be redirected to the Amazon home page and your account will be created. Enjoy Shopping with Amazon.

How to Edit your Amazon Account Settings

Sometimes you may need to edit your Amazon account settings or need to check our orders (all stuff like that). That’s when you have to follow the guide mentioned below. For editing your account details like email, name, or even adding your mobile number to Amazon just go to this link and in the settings section, you will find all the options to edit your Amazon account details.

editing amazon account

Hope you find this guide helpful. Please share the post on social media if you think it’s helpful, have a good day creating your Amazon account and shopping from Amazon.

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