best wireless router under $50

best wireless router

If you’re looking for a new wireless router, you might believe you must spend a fortune on a high-end model. However, this is not the case if you simply utilize a few gadgets in a tiny living area.  Fortunately, finding a trustworthy router that meets your needs doesn’t have to cost a fortune. For single … Read more

Best wireless keyboard under 50$

Best wireless keyboard

Many wireless keyboards are available nowadays, but choosing the ideal one for your needs and budget might take time and effort. There are still several excellent wireless keyboard alternatives available for around $50 that offer a variety of functionality, from simple typing to gaming. Numerous advantages of wireless keyboards include mobility and a neat workstation.  … Read more

Fix mx player no audio issue

media player

Are you looking for a better media player? Use MX Player! Widely regarded as the most significant media player, it has many features that make it a customer favourite. The absence of sound is among the most frequent problems MX Player users encounter.  Fortunately, a missing codec pack, which is frequently the root of the … Read more

MPOW H12 Wireless Headphones review

Wireless Headphones

You know the market’s abundance of choices, and selecting the best pair for you might be difficult. We conducted research and identified the Mpow H12 wireless headphones as the clear winner. We’ll thoroughly analyse these headphones in this post, including their applications, advantages, and disadvantages.  If you’re considering buying the MPOW H12s, read on to … Read more

Best drones with camera 4k under 500$

Best drones with camera

ce tags as drone technology develops? Is a license required to operate a drone? Yes, Part 107 Certified pilots1 must fly any paid drone operation within the United States, and hobbyist pilots must get a TRUST certificate1. However, you can fly some small, lightweight drone types (such as a couple on this list) without the … Read more

Best drones with camera 4k under 200$

Best drones with camera

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you want to improve your photography and video capture without spending a fortune. The finest drones with camera 4k under 200$ on our list are sure to wow. Using a drone is an excellent method to get beautiful aerial photographs of vistas and landscapes that would be challenging. … Read more

Awesome wifi names

Wi-Fi connection

You’ll need to give a new Wi-Fi connection in your house a name when you set it up. While you may choose a short or clever wifi names, an uncomplicated name that is simple to remember, there is merit to picking a witty name that will set your Wi-Fi network apart from the competition. We’ll … Read more

Tplinkwifi net not working, default ip address, tp link wifi router

Tplinkwifi net not working

Famous brand TP-Link provides a variety of routers and networking equipment. However, many TP-Link router customers claim that they get an error message when trying to access the website. A security feature, a software flaw, or difficulty with IP assignment are just a few causes of this error message. Fortunately, several solutions to the … Read more

Download psiphon 3.177 for pc laptop windows 13

Psiphon for Windows 13

Psiphon Inc. has created a circumvention program called psiphon 3 that offers unlimited access to internet content using VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy technology for your pc or laptop. Users of Psiphon for Windows 13 can avoid censorship imposed by a government, employer, or educational institution. Users get limitless access to the stuff they want … Read more

The Right Resource Scheduling Software is Important For Your Business Growth

employee scheduling software

In every business model, calculating the resources (assets) and liabilities  is basic math. Resources or assets are the elements that keep an organization going, whereas the liability needs to be at a minimum if a company wants to be profitable. Although defining resources and liabilities is not tough, managing resources is. Undoubtedly, deploying the top employee … Read more