Maximize Your Budget: best laptop under 500$ for Everyday Use

These days, it might be difficult to find well-made, high-quality laptops for around $500. Excellent solutions are available for those looking for a new laptop at a reasonable price. We have assembled a selection of the best laptop under 500$ that will enable you to complete your tasks without exceeding budget. 

Even if most of these gadgets might not have the most advanced performance or the most significant industrial style, spending money on a trustworthy laptop can help you do chores while on the move or provide your kids with a robust toy without suffering substantial financial loss.

Here are the top 5 best laptop under 500$

1. Acer Aspire 5

The Acer Aspire 5 is a complete Windows 11 laptop that costs less than $500. It is everything you would anticipate from a low-cost laptop: Nothing exceptional but adequate to get you through a day of online browsing, simple job chores, or video viewing.

Neither is the Intel Core i3 CPU in the entry-level model the most powerful or the svelte laptop on the market. Additionally, the 8-hour battery life is hardly long enough to carry you through a typical workday (at least according to our tests). However, it would take more work to find a better Windows laptop at this price.

The device’s specs are as follows:

  • The Lenovo Chromebook Duet’s 10.1-inch display has a 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution.
  • It has a MediaTek Helio P60T CPU, an ARM G72 MP3 GPU, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of eMMC storage.
  • It weighs 2 pounds when docked.

Motives to purchase:

  • The Chromebook Duet has a crystal-clear, bright screen.
  • The battery life is adequate.
  • For ChromeOS, there are tablet optimisations.

Motives for avoiding:

  • The hinge is flimsy.
  • The keyboard is relatively tiny.

2. Lenovo Chromebook Duet

If you’re looking for a cheap laptop and don’t mind the thought of a hybrid tablet/Chromebook, the Lenovo Chromebook Duet is an attractive choice. Unlike the Microsoft Surface Go, which requires you to buy the tablet and detachable keyboard separately, you can have both for just $245.

It is the best laptop under 500$ in 2023. The Chromebook Duet sports an octa-core MediaTek Helio P60T processor running at 2.0GHz, an ARM G72 MP3 GPU, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of eMMC storage, while the Surface Go offers a more rich experience. Even if it doesn’t have much power or storage, the 10.1-inch tablet is inexpensive.

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet’s limited capabilities have little impact on how well it performs as a Chromebook, primarily using web-based services. Additionally, it uses less battery power. The 1920 x 1080 resolution display on the 10.1-inch tablet makes it ideal for online surfing, email reading, and YouTube video viewing.

The device’s specs are as follows:

  • The 10.1-inch display of the Lenovo Chromebook Duet features a 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution.
  • It has an ARM G72 MP3 GPU and MediaTek Helio P60T CPU, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage.
  • When docked, it has a 2-pound weight.

Motives to purchase:

  • The screen on the Chromebook Duet is clear and vibrant.
  • It has good battery life.
  • There are tablet optimisations for ChromeOS.

Motives for avoiding:

  • It has a fragile hinge.
  • The keyboard is very small.

3. Microsoft Surface Go 2

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 is a multipurpose hybrid device that can be a portable Windows 10 tablet and laptop. It offers a modern, 10.5-inch display with vivid brilliant colours and a streamlined design.

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 may become a functional laptop by purchasing the $359 Type-Cover attachment. It has an Intel Pentium Gold CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of eMMC storage, which might not be adequate for demanding activities to keep the price below $500. However, it should be sufficient for individuals who want a 2-in-1 tablet for basic productivity tasks like email, word processing, and web surfing.

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 is a versatile gadget that can be used for both works and play. Through Steam compatibility, you may save movies and videos. It’s ideal for passing the time on a protracted commute. Additionally, the Surface Go 2’s battery life has increased over its predecessor, so you can use it for a decently long trip without recharging.

The device’s specs are as follows:

  • 10.5-inch 1920 x 1280 screen, Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y processor, Intel UHD Graphics 615 graphics card, and 64GB of eMMC storage.
  • 1.22 lbs. (1.75 lbs. when with the type cover)

Motives to purchase:

  • longer battery life
  • a larger, brighter screen
  • Outstanding webcam 

Motives for avoiding:

  • Performance is mediocre.
  • There is a learning curve with Type Cover.

4. Acer Chromebook Spin 311

The Spin 311 from Acer is precisely what most people anticipate from a Chromebook: compact, affordable, and competent enough to handle work and light play daily. For a Chromebook of this size and budget, the keyboard is fantastic. The battery life is also good, and even while the performance isn’t outstanding, it’s enough for doing simple, everyday chores.

The Spin 311 is one of the finest Chromebooks for kids and can compete with some of the top Chromebooks at similar price points for anybody seeking a very portable device that gets the basics right.

The device’s specs are as follows:

  • 11.6-inch screen with 1366 x 768 pixels.
  • ARM Mali-G72 MP3 GPU, 2.0 GHz octa-core MediaTek MT8183
  • Storage: 32 or 64 GB eMMC RAM: 4GB
  • 2.65 pounds in weight

Motives to purchase:

  • long-lasting battery
  • Outstanding keyboard
  • a robust Gorilla Glass display

Motives for avoiding:

  • No USB 3.0 Type-A port and a dim, low-resolution display


While it may seem challenging to get the best laptop under 500$, several great alternatives are on the market. The Lenovo Chromebook Duet and Microsoft Surface Go 2 are beautiful choices for individuals searching for a hybrid device, while the Acer Aspire 5 and Acer Chromebook Spin 311 provide exceptional value for their pricing. Your demands and tastes will eventually determine which of these laptops is best for you. Each of them offers distinctive qualities. Whatever the case, you may use any of these laptops to complete your job while on the road or present them to your kids without spending a fortune.

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