In this post, you can read the BlueStacks system requirements for Windows 7/10/8/XP PC/Laptop. Read the necessary Bluestacks installation requirements from this article.

BlueStacks System Requirements for PC, Laptop

You want to download Bluestacks and run Android apps on PC. But you are not sure if your PC will support it or not. Or maybe you are already using it but not sure why your PC is lagging in performance. In these type of situations, checking the ideal PC requirement for running Bluestacks will be beneficial to you.

If you have the question in your mind- “What it takes to run Bluestacks software flawlessly PC/Laptop”? Then you have landed on the right page. Below you can check the official Bluestacks system requirements.

If you find that your computer has all the things necessary, great news for you. And even if not you can always upgrade the necessary hardware if you want.

Anyhow enough of the talk. Now let’s jump into the main part of this article. Below this paragraph, you can check Bluestacks system requirements.

BlueStacks Installation Requirement For Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & XP

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  • Bluestacks requires minimum 2 GB of RAM, but it’s recommended to have 4GB of RAM on your computer.
  • Bluestacks won’t run on a computer which has BitDefender antivirus installed in it.

According to official bluestacks website “BlueStacks is incompatible with BitDefender, you can install any one but not both of them on the same PC.”

  • Bluestacks requires the latest version of graphics card driver installed on your PC.

In case you need any assistance with updating your computer’s graphic card, you can follow this guide about How to Update your PC/Laptop’s Graphic Card Driver.

  • You need to be the Administrator of your Computer. You can’t install it if you are on a PC if you are on a guest user account.
  • Your Computer Must have at least 4 GB of hard disk space available for you to install Bluestacks successfully.

Words From the Author

Running Android games on PC is one of the coolest things for geeks and gamers. If you haven’t tried it yet, You must. Previously it was very hard to run Android games on a computer. But, now with the rise of Android emulators, one can easily download and install any Android software or game on their PC without much effort.

You will love to play games like clash of clans on PC. Android emulators like Bluestacks had made it easier for everybody to run android games on PC. But, Bluestacks is not very stable or simple software that runs just fine on every machine. That’s why I encourage you to check the list of best Bluestacks alternative Android emulators.

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  1. hi.i need an help for playing coc and installing blue stacks. for using this two things the pc need to insert Graphic Card or to update your PC’s Graphic Card Driver. and also one thing its effect any of pc?

    • Hey Anas,

      There are some workarounds which can help you to install the BlueStacks on your computer without any graphic card and only 1GB of Ram.

      But, I don’t recommend it as you won’t be able to use BlueStacks properly (or even normally) on that computer, it will hang A LOT!

      So my suggestion will be – try upgrading your PC otherwise try using any other BlueStacks Alternative android emulator.

      Hope it helps. 🙂

  2. hi sagar basak ihave a question i am trying to download blue straks so it become fail so what can i do ?
    my window is 7 plz give reply now plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • First check if your PC is capable of running bluestacks, If not try any other android emulator to get the job done.

  3. BRo i used win 10 while installing bluestack it say can’t install this package.the error code is 2705 plz help me how to solved if

  4. Hi,
    Can I suffering android apps after then installed the Bluestack system on my Dell windows 8 laptop plz reply me….

    • Most Probably your computer needs .NET Framework. You can search on google for “.NET Framework” and download it.

  5. actually i have installed it earlier but now i have uninstalled . But, i wanted to use it now and its showing some error on installing

    • Hey Pratyush,

      I too have faced this issue in the past with bluestacks installation,

      You should check if the correct graphic driver is installed on your computer.

      This should fix your issue.


  6. hai sagar i have windows xp with 1.93 gb ram,i have downloaded & installed bluestacks & signed with my google account but i couldn’t open a dialog box appears with ERROR:SYSTEM.ACCESSVIOLATION EXCEPTION plsssssssssssss help me to solve this, i need reply as soon as possible

    • Hey Pri,

      Simple solution for you would be using any other Android emulator. You can try Andy, Droid4X, etc.

      There are many great Android emulators available on the web which will help you to run Android apps on your PC.


    • I think there was a workaround to run bluestacks on a computer with 1gb ram; you can search on google for the same. Most probably the older versions of bluestacks (bluestacks 1) will work with 1GB ram.

  7. hey bro i have 4gb of ram , intel graphics windows 8.1, Intel Pentium B960 can you tell me if Bluestacks 3.0 run on my pc.

  8. I m having laptop of i5 7th generation having 2gb Nvidia GeForce graphics card will BlueStacks will support with it. It have 8 gb ram.

  9. Hi, I have desktop PC
    16GB RAM – Attached RAM is 11GB
    Core i5 7500
    GTX 1060

    But sometimes crashed blue stacks 3
    How do I fix it ?

    The driver is up-to date.


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