We all love to customize our devices and gadgets every now and then. We do this most commonly with wallpapers. Just like how we choose our outfits, we also like our smartphones to change look once in a while. Some would even change their wallpapers every single day. So for those who love wallpapers in the highest quality possible with no fee, this is the article about the most useful websites where you can download wallpapers for free.

Downloading Wallpapers for Free

Actually, it is easy to find wallpapers on the internet. As a matter of fact, you will be able to see thousands of wallpapers with just a simple google search for “Download Wallpaper”. But most of them are too random and mostly low on quality.

For those of you who want high-resolution wallpaper with the specific type and look. You should see the sites that we are recommending in this page. They are all well-organized so you will be able to find the types of wallpaper that you are looking for with ease in just a click or two. And the best part is that they are all for you for free. Read on and find out for yourself.

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Best Wallpaper Sites 2018

The Pixabay website is the first on this page is because it is the least of my favorite go-to for wallpapers. But still, the fact that this is on the top five good sites that offer free wallpaper, it should give you some idea about their services.

Overall, Pixabay delivers with the free and high-quality wallpapers with video wallpapers as well. Whatever you can find within site is yours to download as many times as you want.

For hit-and-run visitors, you can download wallpapers from this site for free as well. But the catch is you will only be allowed to download with only some limited sizes available for you. Yet no matter, the wallpapers are still at high-quality and decent resolution.

If you want to get the bigger resolution version of the wallpaper, all you have to do is sign up for an account. Signing up is easy and will take only a few seconds. You may connect your Google Plus account or your Facebook account. So for a few clicks, you get the highest resolution available in the site.

The downside is that despite the number of wallpapers that they have, their library is not as vast as you can expect. Their list of wallpaper is only good for specific tastes. So I suppose with one look on their main page, you will get an idea of what’s in store for you. You may check their site now and see for yourself.

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The Pexels site is a German-based website. They have quite a library with around 30,000-40,000 images to use for whatever purpose you want with it.

The thing about the Pexels site that is much better than the other free sites is that it also offers video wallpaper if your system supports it. For Windows user, you can do this with Wallpaper Engine from Steam or use a VLC media player as background. If you are interested in live wallpaper and video wallpaper, tell us from the comment section below, and we will make a tutorial on that topic.

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The Unsplash is not a fancy site by any means, and they cater to provide free images for anyone who needs a photo for their personal or commercial use. In fact, the website started in 2013 with the initial purpose of showcasing photographers’ creativeness. They handpick ten pictures and feature those in every ten days.

Since then, from being a picky site for the best and the most quality photos online, they turn into a typical website that offers a vast collection of photos that you can use for personal and commercial use. You may edit or modify these photos as much as you want as the images are under CC0 (Creative Commons Zero). But for those of you who care for these artists, please do give credit to them. There is a link for every download you make that points to their profile and website.



If you like cartoons, digital arts, and wallpapers similar to those designs, the Vladstudio is worth the attention. They provide one of the best collections of wallpapers, and they are often unique. And when I say unique, I mean like you will probably not see the likes of these photos anywhere. And if you do, it is most likely because they downloaded it from Vladstudio website.

The photos and images from Vladstudio belong to those who prefer artistic and impressionist style of images. You may download and modify the images from the site or specific sizes, and they are free. But if you want to get access to more sizes and resolutions, you will need to subscribe for the premium account.

The Vladstudio site also offers games that are related to the images that you see on the website. There is a jigsaw puzzle that utilizes the images from the site. And then there are also some apps that you can install for your iOS devices. All of these arts are thanks to the mind of Vlad Gerasimov.

The Wallpaperstock website is probably the best wallpaper site in this list and perhaps to most people who have tried downloading from the site. They have one of the biggest libraries of wallpaper, and they cater to all genre and design.

So if you are looking for a wallpaper site that can provide you with great images on many formats and resolutions, the site is more than enough. The user interface is friendly enough for any new visitors. If you want to get to the specific resolution that you want, you may choose from the left panel, and you will be directed to the images available with that particular resolution.

And yes, they are all free to download. The same freedom applies as the rest of the websites listed here.

In Conclusion

While all these sites are offering free images for us to download, modify, and use personally and commercially, it would be best to give credit to the artist responsible for the image. It is the least that we can do for them as a sign of gratitude for their creativity and generosity.

So, in your opinion, which of these sites best suits your taste? Which has the most collection that appeals to your needs? Tell us in the comment section. We would love to know what you think.

If you ever want to ask some questions or share some suggestions, do feel free to leave a message in the comment section. We love insights and new ideas every now and then.

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