Online surveys are the great way to make extra money to support your daily expenses. There are people who complete surveys for a living and perhaps they are earning well too. There are tons of survey panels available which offer good rewards to users who complete their surveys.

Online Survey Websites

Completing surveys to earn money is one of my favorite source of extra income. I take surveys whenever I am free or watching TV.

In the pool of thousands of survey websites offering cash out for your opinions, most of them aren’t legit enough. In an aid, we built up a list of best sites to make money with Online surveys. These sites are personally tested by us and our users. We will guide you the way to make real money with genuine online survey panels.

Most of the sites mentioned below provide only 2-3 surveys in a month, so make sure to sign up for all of them. In this way, you will be able to get dozens of surveys and earn good amount of money.

7 Best Online Survey Panels For Real Income

1. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost

This company sends surveys on behalf of public bodies, government, and local businesses. Opinion Outpost has been in the field for a while and has paid its users in millions till date. While testing Opinion Outpost, our team got 4 surveys in a span of 30 day – each survey paid us well.

You need to complete 5 surveys in order to be eligible for a payout, the minimum payment threshold is £2.50. Opinion Outpost usually sends about 3-4 surveys in a month, which means you can get a cheque every couple of months.

Sign Up at Opinion Outpost

2. Swagbucks


It is a reliable survey website which is most popular among students consisting wide options to earn rewards. Furthermore, it is considered one of the highest paying survey panels among all its competitors.

Swagbucks is one of few survey sites which offer survey as well as quizzes and watching videos as an add-on to earn rewards.

It is hard to believe but Swagbucks has paid more than 100 million dollars to its users. Users on Swagbucks get regular chances to earn points by sharing funny pictures, stories, and ideas. Not only this, you can earn even more by participating in well-paying focus groups, webcam surveys, and product tests.

In the last few years, Swagbucks has built a huge trust score among its users. It is one of the most reputed company when it comes to paid surveys.

Sign Up at Swagbucks

3. Toluna

Toluna Influencers

It is another reputed company which pays for your opinions about certain products, services, and concerns. Toluna has an association with leading companies which outsources information for those companies.

The best thing about Toluna is that you get freebies to test and give your reviews on it. It’s certain that you won’t get products all the time, but we received 2-3 in a period of few months. Isn’t it worth for signing up just to receive freebies?

Furthermore, you can also take surveys to earn points which converts into vouchers. Each survey approximately took us 17 minutes to complete, which means that it will take around 4 hours to be eligible to grab a voucher.

Sign Up at Toluna

4. Inbox Dollars


The company which was found back in the year 2000 but has now evolved to offer something exciting. Inbox Dollars has paid over 35 million dollars to its users since launch.

With Inbox Dollars you get daily opportunities to earn, you even get a reward for searching the web or playing online games.

Sign Up at Inbox Dollars

5. Vivatic

Vivatic is a site which not only pays for your opinion on surveys but also for writing reviews and data entries. You get paid in cash with Vivatic and the minimum threshold is £25 furthermore, you earn £1-2£ for taking each survey.

Vivatic holds a strong reputation when it comes about online survey sites. After providing extra options to earn money, Vivatic has managed to build a large base of active users performing various tasks.

Each survey takes about 18 minutes to complete, which means it will take you little time to reach the threshold. Nevermind, because there is plenty of other extra money making opportunities Vivatic offers which makes it worth to signup.

Sign Up at Vivatic

6. One Poll


One poll is famous for sending short and quick surveys to its users. One Poll is always praised because quick surveys reduce the strain on users as long as surveys may take longer time and annoy users.

The survey site is one of the first survey sites to come into existence, your answers to the questions are delivered to press and leading brands.

One Poll is known for providing daily surveys. However, some users report that the earnings stuck before reaching £40. If you ever encounter this problem, you can refer a friend and earn £4 to reach the threshold of £40. Each survey takes around 2.5 minutes to complete and rewards approx 30p per survey. In total it would take around 9 hours to reach £40.

Sign Up at One Poll

7. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions

This survey portal is a part of a larger market research group, they send surveys to users based on demographic reasons. Which means Valued Opinions surveys are sent to users whose structured population and requirements match to the survey.

As a welcome bonus, users are sent to an instant lucky draw to win an iPad. And then Valued Opinions profiles are taken to the relevant surveys to complete.

The surveys on Valued Options are kind of interesting to take and would take anywhere around 10-30 seconds to complete. In the ideal scenario, it will take less than an hour to make your first £10.

Sign Up at Valued Options


Giving your opinion to earn extra money can sometimes make a noticeable difference in your monthly income. Not only this, your opinions are sent to leading companies which is then used to make their consumer experience better. So we may conclude that taking surveys is a win-win situation.

Listing these survey sites is a result of deep research of weeks and experience of years. Hence, we are sure that it will help you to make some extra income in the coming months.

Stuck somewhere or have problems with any of the above survey portals? Get help in the comments section now.

Do you already use survey portals for income? Which survey site you find the best? Drop off your opinions in the comments section.

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