These days, Android Apps are becoming more and more big in size. Heavy apps steal most of your device’s storage, and you will not be able to store more media files then. If you have a device with no expandable storage support, the scene becomes even worse. You know what? There are best lightweight Android apps versions (not always from the same developer, though) of almost all the applications you use every day.

Lightweight Android Apps

Unfortunately, the statement is not true for graphics intense games. Anyhow, Here in this post I have collected 7 best lightweight apps to save your storage and do the tasks you love.


1. Pixel Music Player

Pixel Music Player

You might have used many music player apps in the past. I am certain that all of them weigh more than 20 MB in size.

What if I give you a music player of 7 MB with all the features?

Yeah, Pixel Music Player doesn’t steal one big chunk of your phone’s storage. It has all the specs of a modern music player app like equalizer, bass boost, tag editor, online support, widget, lock screen controls, and customization. The best thing is you won’t see ads.

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2. Zero Browser


If you use Google Chrome, you know it robs a lot of your memory when you open multiple tabs. For the same reason, your phone may hang, and you have to restart it to go back to the initial state.

You may uninstall Chrome now. I have got you a brand new browser for you. Zero Browser can be something new for you. Though this is not the prettiest browser and also it doesn’t have any revolutionary technology. But this is a decently small-sized web browser for your Android phone.

Only 569kb – that’s the size of this app. If you want to see web pages with styling via a moderately sized app, you can download APUS Browser (2.5 MB).

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3. Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite

Do you not like using Facebook on the browser? Maybe your phone isn’t capable of running the full official Facebook app too. In that case, you should use the Facebook Lite app.

You can do pretty much all the tasks you do on the full app. Though the size varies from device to device, it won’t go over 2.5 MB.

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4. Holo Launcher

Holo Launcher

Under 3 MB, Holo Launcher offers a stock Android experience. You will get all the specs of a fully featured android launcher application. It has got the gestures support, theme availability, scrollable dock and material design. If you think your phone isn’t able to perform well with launchers, you will change your mind after installing this one.

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5. TwitPane for Twitter



I have given you an app for Facebook and, here comes one for Twitter. You can use Twitter with TwitPane with all its features and expanded customizability.

The size is 3.76 MB. Is it heavy? I don’t think so!

You can even tweet GIF pictures on it. The free version supports simultaneous use of almost three accounts.

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6. PinHog for Pinterest

PinHog for Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network for those who like to share and receive images. Just like every other official app, Pinterest Android is cumbersome in size.

So, I recommend you should install PinHog to save storage and memory as well. They have got a number of features in the store for you. The best thing about PinHog is it uses lesser data than the official Pinterest app.

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7. Zing YouTube Player

Zing YouTube Player

If you are looking for a lightweight app to watch YouTube videos, your quest ends here.

Zing app weighs only 968 KB that you will never feel any adverse effect on the performance of your device. It has all the necessary features of the official YouTube app like the navigation and related content etc.

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Wrapping Up

You have got seven lightweight apps for your Android phone. If you have any app recommendation, don’t forget to let us know about the same. And, share this post with your social media peeps.

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