Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers on Windows PC and Android mobile platforms. The browser is renowned to be dominating the Web browsers top list immediately after its launch. The browser which had an initial launch back in 2008 from the house of Google Inc. Similar like most of the other window based application Google Chrome was also written in C++ back in 2008.

Chrome Alternatives

Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world having a total share of more than 60% in the present web browsers market. While Google Chrome offers blazing fast speed and powerful features which are enough to make any user turn up. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that Google Chrome is perfect and it might fail to please everyone. There are more browsers available which are again giving Chrome a neck to neck competition by offering whopping features.

Chrome is infamous for high system resource consumption way more than other browsers. However, Google tried to solve this problem by not loading tabs which are not required but it still didn’t solve the overall performance issue. Which means you might have problems running chrome if you are running an old or low-end specifications PC.

Whatever might be the reason to fetch Google Chrome alternative – we are here to help you choose the best alternative. Here we have listed out our own tested 7 best Google Chrome alternative, out of which you just need to pick one.

7 Best Google Chrome Browser Alternatives

1. Mozilla Firefox (Firefox Quantum)

firefoxWhenever we talk about the best alternative to Google Chrome the first browser comes to our mind is Mozilla Firefox. In the past times, Firefox has proven itself many times by giving optimum performance and ultimate customization abilities. Being light and resource friendly, Firefox also shares similar features to Chrome on the chart making it one of the best alternative to chrome.

As far as user’s privacy is concerned, Firefox packs with customizable privacy options which you can easily customize to only reveal the information you want to. Furthermore, Firefox encrypts all your data to make sure that no one can access your personal information.  However, it is not wise to hide all of your information but it does its job far better than Google Chrome in privacy customization field.

In case you restart Firefox browser, it keeps all the tabs unloaded unless you navigate on them – this saves CPU resources effectively. Mozilla Firefox also has an addons marketplace which serves thousands of cool extensions for the browser.

The Latest version of firefox (firefox quantum) comes with some really useful features, according to some people it’s way better than chrome. Most of my friends actually permanently switched to firefox quantum from chrome after giving it a try. You should try it for sure.

2. Opera Browser

operaIt’s sad that Opera even being a quality browser only shares 1% of browsers market. It is loaded with everything that an ideal browser should offer – quick launch time, clean interface, lower resource consumption and what not. If compared to Google Chrome, Opera does everything that Chrome does plus offers much more in some measures.

The best part about Opera Browser is its Opera Turbo feature which compresses the incoming internet traffic into your browser. I still remember only using Opera as my primary browser years back when we did not have really fast internet access. The feature not only makes a huge difference while loading web pages but also consumes less bandwidth when compared to other browsers. The turbo feature re-routes the traffic through Opera servers to reduce data transfer and ducks out when you are visiting sensitive sites like banks so that your privacy stays intact.

In an addition, an Ad-Blocker is pre-integrated which lets you block annoying ads while browsing. However, if you are morally inclined in opposite direction, the Ad-Blocker can be switched off anytime. Opera also features power saver mode which assures that your battery will stay with you for a longer run.

Opera bit lacks when it comes about browser extensions, the extensions marketplace on Opera doesn’t hold many extensions when compared to its rivals. However, it still manages to get those bunch of useful extensions which you might need while browsing the internet.

The latest version of opera comes with Free Builtin VPN service which i love the most. Also you can install any chrome extension in opera very easily.

3. Tor Browser

torThe browser once known for being vital for browsing the Dark web is now becoming people’s first choice to browse the surface internet. Perhaps Tor browser is popular for browsing that sneaky underworld of the internet called the dark web. While it true that it is used to browse those unlisted website hiding deep in the internet ocean as Tor routes your traffic through random nodes all over the world making it the best browser in terms of privacy.

Tor itself is a modified version of Mozilla Firefox extended support release and binds with a package of tools. Built along with a number of privacy packages, you can be assured that nothing is tracked and nothing is stored. With this much of security and privacy, you can forget about Bookmarks and cookies stealing threats.

Finally, I would say that if privacy is your first priority then you should surely give Tor browser a shot.

Note: You can also download psiphon from our website if you think your ISP is blocking some websites.

4. Microsoft Edge

microsoft edgeWhile the internet explorer was still struggling to make a place in users primary browser choice, Edge was launched. In the latest Windows 10, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is replaced by Microsoft Edge.

The browser which is still in the development mode has got some really cool extra elements. With the evolved version of Internet Explorer, it appears that Microsoft is now ready to tackle and dethrone Google Chrome from being the best internet browser tag.

Edge appears similar to Internet Explorer 11 except for the slimmer borders, fewer icons, and the new streamlined toolbar. These tweaks are made to make it identical to Windows 10 appearance measures. With the next generation of the Windows default browser, Microsoft has added the support for Cortana the virtual assistant on Edge.

Just the like Safari is exclusive for Mac OS, the Edge has yet got support only for Windows 10 and it’s not expected to be compatible with older Windows versions.

The extensions marketplace on Edge is small but growing fast, synchronization is still limited to favorites and reading list. The updates aren’t fast for the Edge however, Microsoft can now send its update which is independent of the Windows.

5. Vivaldi Browser

vivaldi browserWhenever we talk about a unique web browser, Vivaldi browser comes in our mind in the first place. Out of millions of active Vivaldi installs, no user would have a similar setup. When you launch this browser for the first time, you are taken to a setup process to place browser elements according to your taste. You are even offered to choose where your address bar and tabs are placed. You can also choose if your tabs should display on the top or in separate side panels.

The browser manages to give a user a unique experience with its ultimate customizations capability. Furthermore, on Vivaldi, you are offered such sets of eye soothing themes which don’t appear dated for a modern PC. Hence, if you are tired of the same traditional browsers having little customizations then Vivaldi is just for you.

6. Microsoft Internet Explorer

microsoft IEThe Internet Explorer has seen a lot of ups and downs in its long history from being the dominating browser to suffering while holding the rank against its competitors. This internet browser started to diminish when it was lacking with speed and compatibility when compared to its rivals.

However, we don’t find those issues in Internet Explorer 11. Its fast, clean, powerful and demands lesser CPU resources against the leading browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. We were surprised at the time we conducted its test to open maximum loaded tabs. It was consuming lesser RAM than Chrome and Firefox. In addition to this, Internet Explorer beats both of these browsers in Webkit Sunspider test.

We cannot say that this browser is perfect – we can clearly see it suffering from the Google V8 benchmark’s test. It also struggles when it comes to handling the add-ons and extensions as easy as its competitors do. So, there is no specific reason to avoid the Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer other than the customization department.

7. Maxthon Browser

maxthon browserMaxthon is a standard web browser which delivers a smooth runtime and is compatible with all operating systems. It may not be the fastest internet browser but you would surely love it if you are a fan of Internet Explorer layout. It has got all basic features found in popular browsers like tabbed windows, front viewer bookmarks etc.

The best and core feature about Maxthon is that it synchronizes your browser settings across all the devices on which you run Maxthon. However, the main drawback in Maxthon is that it doesn’t update automatically, which means you need to manually update everytime a new version is available. Furthermore, outdated browsers can cause security loopholes which can be breached by ransomware and hackers.

The browser boasts an anti-freeze system which doesn’t stop loading the page in case you lose the internet connectivity. In an addition, Maxthon packs with smart acceleration which makes sites load quicker than the site you are visiting for the first time.

If you are familiar with Internet Explorer’s layout then you will get no time in navigating your way around as Maxthon is based on Internet Explorer’s engine. This internet browser is fully customizable and all of the buttons are properly labeled, which is again a good part about Maxthon.

In Conclusion

No, doubt Google Chrome is an awesome browser and we don’t have enough valid reasons to migrate to other browsers. However, there are these above-mentioned browsers which are equally good and deserve your try. All these browsers can serve you well and you might not feel the absence of Google Chrome once you start using them. Although every browser comes with its own sets of pros and cons – it is totally up to you to decide.

We have made sure to list some of the most deserving Google Chrome alternatives in this list and we hope that they will serve you well. Questions in mind? Need to share something? Drop them down in the comments.

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