Android has been dominating in the mobile platform field since long. Still, there may be many things you don’t know about it. In this article, you are going to get some tips to make the most out of your Android smartphone. Without further ado, let’s get to the best Android tips and tricks.

Android Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: Make Your Phone Faster

You may have a decent smartphone that loads up fast. But, What if I tell you it can be faster? You can do that by turning off all the animations of your phone. For that, go to “Settings>> About phone” and tap on “Build Number” seven times continuously. You will get a toast notification that “You are now a developer.”About Phone

Being a developer you get access to some advanced features which normal user can’t get. You can now, open it up and scroll down to turn all the animations off. There you go! Now you should notice a decent speed increase on your phone.Developers Options

Tip 2: Use The SmartLock Feature

Most probably, you don’t need a password or code when you are in a safe environment, say your home. However, when you are in your college or office we can’t say the same. So won’t it be great that your phone automatically detects your location and based on that it changes the login security?

Well, actually you can do that on your Android phone. There’s something called Smartlock which you might have never noticed before. Smart lock enables you to eliminate the lock screen hurdle on the basis of your location, face or voice. Go to Settings>> Security>> Smart Lock.Settings and Security

Tip 3: Zoom in on Any App

You can zoom in or out on any app using magnification gestures. It is located under Accessibility. You have to follow Settings>> Advanced. Once you enable magnification gestures. You can tap on the screen three times to enable the zooming. This feature will be very helpful if you have a low eyesight or can’t read some super small texts of a website or app.

Tip 4: Give Your Friends Access to Your WiFi without Telling Password

This one is my favorite! Yeah, you can do this. Just visit this website and generate a QR code for your wireless network.

Once you generate the code, you can give that to your friends instead of the password itself. Your friend should have a QR code scanner app on his phone. Now he can just scan the QR code and his phone will be automatically connected to the WiFi network. It won’t show the password it will just get connected to the network.

QR Code generator

So now you don’t have to snatch the phone and run far away from your friends. And struggle hard to type the password without them looking into the screen. Enjoy guys 🙂

Tip 5: Enable Reader Mode on Chrome

When you are reading an article, you don’t need fancy graphics or webpages styling. The simple text is more than enough for anyone who is really fascinated by the article. In this case, reader mode comes to your rescue to load the text easier. Enabling this feature will let you enjoy reading an article on Chrome (Android) without any distraction.Chrome Flags

  • Open up Chrome on your Android phone and enter chrome://flags into the address bar.
  • Now Hit the three dots given on the top-right corner and Choose to Find in page and type Reader Mode.
  • You will see an option named Reader Mode Triggering. You can select Appears to be an article from the drop-down.

Tip 6: Find the Notification Triggering Unknown App

Find the Notification Triggering Unknown App

If you install apps from APK files, you may encounter this issue. You get unknown notifications and can’t even figure out which app triggers the same. So, just long tap on the notification. You will know the app name. That’s it! This is a pretty simple yet quite useful tip (if you agree then let us know in the comments :)).

Tip 7: Show Your Taps on the ScreenShow Touches

Have you ever seen a small circle getting displayed on the screen on tapping? You may have noticed this thing watching any Android Tutorial Video on YouTube. Anyone can get it on their Android phone. For that, follow the first tip to enable Developer options. First, you have to enable the developer options. Now, go back to see Developer options, scroll down until you find the option saying “Show Touches“. After you find this just turn on the option.

Tip 8: Pin a Particular App

Do you want to keep an app opened for a long time? Of course, it is impossible given that you may accidentally touch the back or overview button. But you can follow Settings>> Security>> Screen pinning to get such a feature without being hindered by accidental taps.

Wrapping Up

You have got seven tips and tricks to make the most out of your smartphone. Do you want more? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Thanks for Reading! This article has been written by our editorial staff. Editorial Staff at Tech Brighter is a team of Tech experts led by Noah Peterson.


  1. Yes, nice, useful. I have a questions, do you know why a browser app (chrome, samsung, uc browser, yandex) taking a big size on disk and it’s increasing day by day. For example, uc browser size after just being installed was 64 MB and data size 0 MB, just after opening the browser, size on disk going to 15 MB. After then u browsed, bookmarked, saved page then u can see data size increased to 35 . And total app size including data n SD card increased to 110 MB and it’s increasing more day by day. My question is why?
    And if delete personal data then only a very few amount is reduced 1 to 3 MB.. SO I WONDER WHY it’s increasing and what type of data are actually kept on disk.


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