The internet is a great source of information. It’s also a way to connect with others and a great entertainment hub. But just like anything else, the internet has some cons as well as pros. There is no doubt that the internet is useful, but there are also some negative effects as well, the impact of the internet is quite bad in our mind and health.

Stop Wasting Time

You may remember about the first time when you heard about something called “The Internet or Web”. It is possible that you have first used it on your cousin’s computer or mobile phone. Those days the internet was very slow (compared to today’s 4G and Wi-Fi). It’s not hard to guess that you were amazed that time.


The Problem with Internet These Days

I agree, the internet is very impressing, but it’s also very easy for you to waste your precious time doing nothing special or useful at all on the web. Nowadays people spend hours on Facebook they chat with strangers whom they don’t even know much about. There are some chrome extensions which tracks the time which you spend on any website. (You can download chrome from here)

If you analyze your own internet usage time, you can see the difference yourself. Maybe you will notice that you are spending way more time on Facebook rather than Wikipedia(If you understand what I mean here). Now I don’t hate facebook, but it’s just the fact that it is making people dumb day by day.Internet Quote Do you know there is something called “Facebook Addiction Disorder”? Perhaps you should consider resisting on using Facebook too much. You should really read more about this.

Now you may understand what is the problem which I am talking about here, it’s about the ” Wrong usage of the internet for doing nothing but useless things, and avoiding your real life”. You will never realize early, but there will be one day when you will be able to understand what wrong you were doing all the time by speaking to your phone all the time.

How to Stop Wasting Time on The Internet

The problem becomes insanely irritating when you realize it. But there’s no need to feel anxiety, you can avoid this. Below I have written about some basic tips on how to stop yourself from wasting time on the web. Hope you will find these helpful. Please drop a comment below, after you read the post. Now start reading the post again.

Step 1: Disconnect from Online World for Mental Preparation

Internet Addiction Quote

I think at first you should make a vow in your mind that- “I’m will stop wasting your time on the Internet”. Make your mind that you will not waste most your time on the web anymore, instead, you will only do work on the web or maybe 30min or 1 hour time pass is enough.

If you fell like that you are unable to control yourself, then you should turn off your computer or Wi-Fi, otherwise, disconnect the ethernet cable from PC. Basically, you must disconnect yourself from the online world for a couple of weeks. These weeks will be the changing time of your life. In this time, you will be like really finding out what you were missing of the real world.

Pro Tip: If you feel like that you are being able to disconnect from the web, then you can ask your friend or parents for help. Basically, you have to Stop Procrastinating. This video will teach you about How to Stop Procrastinating.

Step 2: Now Enjoy Your Real Life

enjoy your real life image

In the second part, all you need to do is stop thinking about the internet and facebook and all the online stuff and focus on the real life that you have. Basically, start living life, start enjoying your real life. You should enjoy your life more with the people whom you already know rather than any stranger on Facebook because they are your friend and family.

Today many youngsters are engaged in a relationship that has been created through online. It’s not very hard to guess that most of these relationships are not going to work at all. So, you never know when it will turn down.

Making friends is the main key that you should focus on. It’s not hard to tell that – If you don’t have real friends then you will be more active in the online world (especially on social networks). So, try to make some good friends. Enjoy the real life and use the internet as you use your phone, call people when needed and sometimes knowing how they are and giving greetings but never always stick to it like a mad.

Useful Resources for Getting Rid of Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is applicable to those people who work on the internet. Yes, I am talking about bloggers(like me). It steals productivity from us. Top bloggers like Amit Agarwal had already admitted in the past that the internet distracts him from work and being creative. Also, Harsh Agarwal (On of the Top Indian Bloggers) has written on his blog about how he had got rid of his internet addiction.

Some articles which may help you to get rid of Internet Addiction

My Conclusion

To conclude, I would like to say at last that – I know the internet is very cool and has some really great possibilities and features, but most of the people don’t do positive or creative stuff with the internet. We rather spend time on useless stuff which is time wasting, that’s why I thought it would be nice to write about this topic Although normally I don’t write about this type of blog posts.

Anyhow, Hope you find this post useful, please stay with us for more awesome posts. Moreover, share the blog post on anywhere with your friends and family to also a let then know about this blog post and do comment below about what your thought are regarding internet addiction.

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  1. The use of internet should be limited as everything in excess can lead to severe issues. So be careful and watch your online presence and be away from Internet and Computer Addiction.


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