Read this post to improve your email writing skills and be able to write a better email next time. I’m sure – right now you are facing some problems when writing emails but here I have mentioned about top 5 best tools which will help you to write better emails from the 1st day. So, you should read this blog post carefully.

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In a case of personal communication, it’s not a big deal, but when we talk about official and work emails the writing style, number of errors, grammar stuff is very important. For instances if you are working with a company as the Sales executive then you have to send lots of emails every day and all of those emails should be well prepared and well written.

Not all of us like to read long emails (Maybe none of us like). Also most of the time our clients don’t have much time. Just pretend that you are sending an email to the CEO of a big company and he doesn’t have much time. That is why you have to send him exactly what he will read and need to read? Your email message should be short and at the same time it should deliver the right message to the man who is reading it. But it’s obvious that most of us are still trying to solve the email problem.

So, here I’m writing about top 5 most helpful tools that will help you from the first day to write better emails.

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Tools for Writing Better Emails

1. Mail Mentor

Basically, Mail Mentor is a free online tool, it quickly tells you that your email is user-friendly or not. All you need to paste your email in the textbox and the single-page tool will start its work.

It quickly scans for extra unnecessary stuff in your email. This tool checks how much time it will take to read the email and also determine the reading level. You should go for 6th to 7th grade or higher for professional emails. It will also give you some suggestion, so after some changes with this tool you will get a masterpiece of email to send.

<Check Mail Mentor: to make your email as short as it can be.>

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2. Grammar Checker

grammarlyGrammatical errors are very irritating. They convey a bad impression for you (the sender). So you should avoid making errors, that’s why I will recommend you to do a cross check of your writing with online tools like Grammarly.

Grammarly is a freemium tool, you can pay for it and get additional useful features which will help you to write like Pro.

Also, I would recommend you that, type your email draft in a popper word editor software like Microsoft word or something like that.

<Check Grammarly: to avoid grammatical errors in emails.)

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3. HTML mail

This tool is exclusively for people who know the power of HTML. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and all other popular email programs support HTML email (rich text), but none of these email programs offer a direct HTML typing interface to write down beautiful HTML messages. You can create a unique Email messages using HTML programming language.

So here HTML mail fits in. you can type the direct HTML code of any email or create a beautiful email with the normal user interface.

This web app is created by Amit Agarwal, to get started head over to HTML mail, and sign-in with your Gmail or Google account. Now you can send HTML emails using the Editor of this app, after you completed typing your email, add the recipient’s email address and subject. And finally, send that email, this app uses the Gmail API so the person will see that you have sent him the email.

<Check HTML mail: to send HTML e-mails)

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4. TL;DR Email

This is a free IOS app that will introduce you to the “Too Long, Didn’t Read” fact. By helping you to Read emails faster and Send quick reply, this app saves your lot of time. TL;DR takes the first words of each incoming email and turns it into a post, Just like a social network post.

So with this app installed on your iPhone (or any iOS Device) you can read emails as fast as you read Facebook. This app works with Gmail and it saves time for everybody.

<Check TL;DR Email: to save time when checking emails)

5. Gorgias

Templates are a life saver when we don’t even have enough time to type something. Some of the Smartphones has the features of preloaded message templates like: I’ll call you, I’m busy now etc.

The unstylish way of using the template in any email programs is writing a dummy email and save it in a draft to use it later, but that’s not at all useful. That’s where Gorgias became handy. It helps you to save time at the time of writing emails by creating your own snippets and templates. It works with most of the popular email programs like Gmail, Yahoo mail,, etc. Gorgias is available as a chrome app which you can install in chrome from here.

<Check Gorgias: to save time when writing emails)

Decades ago humans started using Mailing system (paper mail), and now we use, email. Today email has become incredibly useful and fast way to communicate with anyone. Billions of emails are sent every day and many of those are work (important) emails. You may send emails every day all the time, but do you ever check how great your writing is.

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There can be scenarios where you are writing a very important email to your boss regarding office project or something else. Now I don’t think you would just write and send that email without thinking twice.

Remember – “Writing is easy, but good writing is hard and great writing which converts and makes the reader understand your through is Really, Really hard”. It takes long the time and effort to be a great writer. But don’t afraid thinking that I don’t have time, start today and you would improve with every passing day. Hope you like those 5 tools which will help you a lot when writing better emails. Share your thought with the world in the comment section.

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