5 Common Challenges Students Face While Writing an Essay

It is quite understandable that students mainly ones that are in colleges doing graduation or masters in English are always under the stress of studying. When the added pressure of writing an essay gets an assignment by their professor, for many it becomes too cumbersome. Also, it’s not so easy to write an essay that can fetch excellent numbers from the hands of a professor. There are plenty of things that needed to be considered while writing one and most of the students are not aware of those guidelines. These issues are taken as “problems” by academics and this is why they are always scared of writing essays. To get rid of this problem, talking to someone great at writing an essay can be the best idea. However, there is a much better way to handle the situation by taking assignment help online from the professionals available on the internet and focusing on other priorities that require immediate consideration.

Let us look at some of the most common challenges that students face while working on any essay:

  1. Lacked level of confidence: The incapability of believing in oneself’s skills and abilities is among the most common issues that students have while writing an essay. Students that are always having a mentality that they are capable of writing good essays will always have issues in starting with their papers. They are also doubtful about their ability to complete the essay paper. Because of this self-doubting, they don’t even try to work on the essay.

Consequently, these students end up missing their deadlines and not being able to submit their essay assignments. Or some of these students just submit a poorly-written one by entirely agreeing with the fact that such a poor paper may end up with very less numbers or even may get failed.

  • Lack of essay writing knowledge: A lot of students also have problems with essay writing as they do not get a clear idea about the topic they have been assigned with. This happens when an individual does not have proper knowledge of the subject matter.

This issue can crop up when any of the following happens: when a student does not attend his/her classes regularly, when the students have no understanding of any topic or subject and the student is not able in taking notes in class or he/she does not understand a topic clearly that has been discussed in the class.

  • Lacked skill in writing: Many students are confident enough that they will be able to manage the pressure of writing an essay with ease. One of the main reasons for such confidence is writing skills. These individuals know how to get numbers with their impressive way of writing an essay, the tone of the essay, and have multiple ideas to work on with.

Unfortunately, everyone is not the same. Some students have problems with writing. Even if they want to do good but still they lack the writing skill. The use of misleading language, wrong words, phrases, punctuation, and misplacing words makes their essay paper a poor one. They just don’t understand how to get it right!

  • Plagiarism issue: Even if they can manage a properly written essay while maintaining all the guidelines, in the end, most of them goofed up with the issue of plagiarism. This is a very common problem that many students end up facing as they hurry to the last moment for submitting their essay papers.

Professors nowadays, check every assignment with a premium plagiarism tool to find out whether students have comprised plagiarized content. Students submitting essays with copied portions from any published material will surely find themselves in a lot of problems as soon as the professor identifies the issue.

  • Getting stuck: Students are generally provided with an essay topic that has already been discussed multiple times within the class. The problem they face is that they think, there’s nothing else to be discussed or pointed at as there is nothing left to be explored.

As they do not have anything of their own to say on a particular topic, they get stuck now and then and cannot continue with anything that has not been discussed in the class.

  • The issue with understanding various referencing styles: Most of the students get stuck at this point. They do not realize that whenever they are using any information from the internet while writing an essay, that resource needs to be kept somewhere to use at the end of the write-up as a reference. Additionally, they also have issues understanding the different styles of referencing.

Generally, colleges and instructors mention the type of reference that needs to be used in an essay and it has some marks associated with it. If one misses using the mentioned referencing and in-texting format, they just miss those marks. This eventually boils down to the statement that even if they put a lot of effort into writing an essay paper, the entire energy can get wasted just because of this error.

“Oh my god! Here’s another essay I need to work on with!!” This is the most common expression that student’s all over the globe have towards writing essays. And above-mentioned are the most common problems that students face while writing essays now and then. To get rid of such problems and focus on other concerns in study life, you can contact a professional essay helper to get rid of such issues. Or else, you can try the old-school method. By doing the essay all by yourself. This will take quite a lot of time but you will know all the nitty-gritty of essay writing and earning great course credits. At last, you always have the option to connect with a genuine company and say “I want to pay someone to take my online class” and can arrange for an expert to take care of your classes so that you can assign maximum time learning the essays that can help you in your future life as well. This way, one can be problem-free and laser-focus on things that they are good at.