best wireless router under $50

best wireless router

If you’re looking for a new wireless router, you might believe you must spend a fortune on a high-end model. However, this is not the case if you simply utilize a few gadgets in a tiny living area.  Fortunately, finding a trustworthy router that meets your needs doesn’t have to cost a fortune. For single … Read more

Best wireless keyboard under 50$

Best wireless keyboard

Many wireless keyboards are available nowadays, but choosing the ideal one for your needs and budget might take time and effort. There are still several excellent wireless keyboard alternatives available for around $50 that offer a variety of functionality, from simple typing to gaming. Numerous advantages of wireless keyboards include mobility and a neat workstation.  … Read more

How to become IAS officer after 12th

become IAS officer after 12th

In India, passing the UPSC Civil Services Examination is a requirement to become an ias officer. The Civil Services Exam or IAS test is another name for the UPSC examination. This yearly test is held by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to choose qualified candidates for various jobs, such as IAS officials, IPS officers, … Read more

Fix mx player no audio issue

media player

Are you looking for a better media player? Use MX Player! Widely regarded as the most significant media player, it has many features that make it a customer favourite. The absence of sound is among the most frequent problems MX Player users encounter.  Fortunately, a missing codec pack, which is frequently the root of the … Read more

How to remove audio from video using canva

remove audio from video

You’re in luck if you’ve ever captured a video and wished you could remove audio from video. With Canvas free audio removal, you may quickly and easily remove undesired music files, sound effects, or narrations.  You may quickly and simply silence a section or an entire movie on any device without using expensive software or … Read more

How to Get Drone Pilot Certificate In India?

Drone Pilot Certificate

Given how commonplace drones are becoming, it’s not surprising that many individuals are interested in becoming licenced drone pilots. Despite the appearance of complexity, using a drone may be simple with the proper training and preparation.  You need to know specific procedures, expenses, and certifications if you’re in India and want your Drone pilot certificate. … Read more

Download Hotstar app for PC laptops windows 7 8 10 latest

Hotstar app for PC laptops

Hotstar, a well-known streaming service, has become extremely popular in India because of its cutting-edge features and intuitive layout. With over 100 million downloads and a user rating of 4.2 in the Google Play Store since its initial introduction in 2014 for smartphones, the app is now accessible across many devices, hotstar app for pc … Read more

Why do people choose PHP developers for their starting their online business?

benefits for online business

A Quick Introduction to PHP PHP developers are professionals who focus on  PHP developement and applications utilizing the PHP scripting language. HTML includes the widely used open-source language PHP, enabling programmers to provide dynamic website content. Due to PHP’s popularity and reputation for simplicity, speed, and flexibility, people frequently select PHP developers to launch their … Read more

How to buy pancat cryptocurrency | Pancat coin

pancat cryptocurrency

Welcome to the world of meme coins, where recognisable memes are used to launch cryptocurrencies as either their emblem or the focal point of their artistic approach. There are some better meme coins than others, even though they are frequently connected with speculative gambling.  A notable example of a meme coin that deviates from the … Read more

MPOW H12 Wireless Headphones review

Wireless Headphones

You know the market’s abundance of choices, and selecting the best pair for you might be difficult. We conducted research and identified the Mpow H12 wireless headphones as the clear winner. We’ll thoroughly analyse these headphones in this post, including their applications, advantages, and disadvantages.  If you’re considering buying the MPOW H12s, read on to … Read more